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“Request New Course” Guide

– Step 1: Login or register an account here : Login/Register
– Step 2: Click to “Submit Courses” button.
– Step 3: Complete the information: Salepages Links, Name Courses (EX: Bob Jones – Affiliate Marketing 2017)
– Step 4: Click to “Submit” button and wait Us respone.
If you have any interest, any course in Request Box, please Vote or leave a comment, we will arrange and contact you.

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Grace Lever – The Genius Project


If you’re ready to harness your genius zone and become a 7-figure coach, consultant or professional services business, then the Genius Project will show you how!
In this 6 Week intensive online training program, Grace shares her most powerful learnings including the 3 critical stages in the Evolution of a 7-figure Coach or Consultant, her 24/7 sales machine and how to sell without “selling”.
She shows you how to turn your genius zone in to a course or program FAST and then equips you with her exact presentations, ads, emails, and scripts to help you flood your funnel and become a go-to thought-leader in your industry.
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Grace Lever – The Consult Project


Want the quickest way to grow your business? Sell high-priced programs and services 🙂
As an experienced coach, consultant and professional services provider, Grace is only too aware of how much easier it is to sell 2 x $5,000 programs than 270 x $37 mini-courses if you want to make $10,000!
In the Consult Project, Grace shows you how she creates her killer consult strategies, fills your calendar with high-quality prospects and close new customers with authenticity and integrity. Automate your processes and avoid the time-wasters with this incredible training using Grace’s strategies tested in her own business with over 2,000 consults that have generated millions of dollars of income.
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Liran Koren – The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Finding & Investing In Off-Market Real Estate: How I Turned $39,000 Into $50 Million In Nine Years By Finding And Unlocking Hidden Equity Before Anyone Else