American Hypnosis Association Guest Speakers 3

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American Hypnosis Association Guest Speakers 3

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American Hypnosis Association Guest Speakers 3

American Hypnosis Association Guest Speakers 3

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American Hypnosis Association
Guest Speakers 3
Your Hypnotic Voice – Presented by Matthew Walters
Your voice is one of your most valuable tools as a hypnotherapist. Imagine creating vivid pictures and dynamic stories for your clients through the use of the natural colors of your voice. Matthew has been a voice actor, casting director, and teacher of voice-over for 17 years, and he’s a working hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.
Learn how the voice works, how sound is created in the body, and how you can develop your hypnotic voice so that you can effectively deliver suggestions to your clients. Your voice is your tool; this is your chance to make sure that it’s polished
Using Hypnotic scripts – Presented by Bruce Bonnett
AHA presenter Bruce Bonnett teaches you how to use hypnotic scripts for many clients in your hypnotherapy practice.

The Power of Placebo and Nocebo Effects – Presented by David James
We all have clients who have been “cursed” by the words of another and have experienced harmful effects on their lives. AHA presenter David James shows how the power of the placebo and nocebo effect and hypnosis can “break the curse” and allow clients to experience growth and renewal.

The Power of Affirmations – Presented by Matthew Walters
Yoga teaches that thought is the source of all emotion and action. We make affirmations on a daily basis that are 100% successful. They just aren’t always towards what we want. Using the Theory of Mind, learn how your mind and your clients’ minds daily affirm reality. Explore how to create effective affirmations that lay the groundwork for change. Learn several tools for increasing the effectiveness of affirmations, including self-hypnosis, E&P, and the 30 day Mental Diet.

The Affect Bridge Technique – Presented by Joe Tabbanella
Presenter Joe Tabbanella, C.Ht. has found great success using the Affect Bridge technique in hypnotherapy. The technique forms a bridge between the person’s present emotional state and the root cause of their presenting problem. It is helpful in understanding the emotional triggers and limited belief systems that keep clients stuck in unwanted repetitive patterns.

Making The Hypnosis Process Work – Presented by Sasha Arciniega
HMI Graduate Sasha Arciniega talks about making the hypnosis process work. She discusses everything she has learned from her time as a hypnotherapist and lecturer to help make the hypnosis process work for clients in the best possible way.
Integrating Hypnosis and Energy Healing – Presented by Jenna Grayson
In this presentation, Jenna Grayson will explore the basic anatomy of the Human Energy Field in order to better understand hwo hypnosis affects the mind, emotions, and the physical body. You will come to understand how energy healing can occur through hypnotherapy, and can profoundly enhance your influence as a hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis and the Resources of Your Client’s Subconscious Mind – Presented by Sasha Arciniega
If you’ve read any of Dolores Cannon’s books, you understand how truly powerful the subconscious mind can be. Many clients are interested in past life regression, in-between lives and spiritual experiences. Learn techniques to help clients access the part of their mind that holds the answers to all of their questions, including how to overcome their current issue.
With these techniques, the hypnotherapist makes sure the client has an in-depth understanding of the subconscious mind and guides the client into a powerful state of hypnosis. When the subconscious is allowed to come forward and answer your client’s questions, the imagery, the feelings and the experience can be life changing, rivaling any past life experience.
You will learn how to reach a depth that is conducive to accessing this state, how to help your clients be receptive during the experience, how to find the answers related to each client’s presenting issues and when to use this technique. Learn what experiences can commonly occur while using this process, while at the same time be prepared for the unexpected!

From Conflict to Cooperation – Presented by Dinah Goner
Dinah Goner, former Hypnotherapists Union President, shares how to move from conflict to cooperation in any relationship. Learn how to identify conflict and how to apply different strategies to overcome it in your daily life. Dinah shares some of her secrets on how to think before you simply react.

Following to Lead: The Bridge Between Therapy and Coaching – Presented by Laura Fuller
There is a therapeutic element that is seldom talked about: the move from listening to being directive. While it is not helpful to listen without trajectory, it is also not helpful to diret without listening. Presenter Laura Fuller, C.Ht. teaches participants to consider their current use of listening and directing and how working with this balance can make Hypnotherapy more effective.

Dealing With Change – Presented by Elaine Perliss
As Hypnotherapists, your clients are always dealing with change. Elaine will share some exciting insights, tips, and tools that you can use with your clients as well as yourself to allow the inevitable changes of life to become your friends, allies and priceless gifts for success.

The 15th Step – Presented by Joseph Costa
The 15th Step is a special place of consciousness where communication with the spirit guides and higher Self become a reality. It is about spiritual growth and learning how to balance the material outer existence with a non-material inner teaching. With the 15th Step process you can go directly into the inner consciousness and bring forth both Divine Healing and Divine Teaching.

Mindfulness – Presented by John Sahakian
AHA presenter John Sahakian, C.Ht teaches us about mindfulness and how it can greatly impact your life and hypnotherapy practice.

Hypnosis and the Power of Forgiveness – Presented by David James
Presenter David James, C.Ht. dispels myths surrounding the mystery of the power of forgiveness and teaches you how to make forgiveness real in your own life.
Hypnosis and the Power of Forgiveness – Presented by David James
Presenter David James, C.Ht. dispels myths surrounding the mystery of the power of forgiveness and teaches you how to make forgiveness real in your own life.

Hypnosis and PTSD – Presented by Lisa Machenberg
AHA speaker Lisa Machenberg, C.Ht. shows how to use hypnotherapy in conjunction with the 3 most powerful and researched techniques that have empirical evidence that shows they are effective to help people with PTSD. Learn how to use them safely and effectively to improve your PTSD client’s quality of life.

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