Anita Sadowska – Complete Guide – Studio Photography & Retouching

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Anita Sadowska - Complete Guide - Studio Photography & Retouching

Anita Sadowska – Complete Guide – Studio Photography & Retouching

Price: $199

My complete Studio Photography & Retouching routine

A complete guide

In this extensive Studio Photography & retouching workshop I take you through everything you need to know to create powerful images in the studio. I talk about basic camera settings, my four different simple, yet effective one light setups as well as my signature two light setup. You will learn all about my favourite retouching methods including Lightroom colour grading, dodging and burning and frequency separation. You will have access to RAW images from the workshop as well as a FREE pack of 4 presets I created for this workshop so you can follow along and learn with me real time. You will be able to ask questions under each video in case you’re unsure about anything and I’ll be more than happy to help you!

Full Studio Workshop Contents

    • Camera Basics
    • Light Modifiers
    • Flags & Reflectors
    • Tethering
    • One Light Setup – Octabox
    • One Light Alternative Setup – Octabox
    • One Light – Beauty Dish
    • One Light- Deep Silver Umbrella
    • My Signature Two Light Setup
  • Retouching Workflow

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    • RAW & Presets Download
    • Lightroom Color Grading
    • Photoshop Skin Cleaning / Dodging & Burning
    • Frequency Separation
    • Basic Hair Retouching
    • Background Cleaning
    • Darken Background
    • Full Image Retouching
    • Changing the Background Color02