Anthony Robbins – Creating Lasting Change

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Anthony Robbins – Creating Lasting Change

In times of uncertainty, people look to leaders for guidance. Imagine having the ability to positively and profoundly affect any individual, group or situation. What if you could influence and drive a team to produce exceptional results and empower them to go beyond supporting an organization to inspiring a mission-driven movement? What if you could help a loved one or co-worker identify what is stopping them from getting what they want in life and give them the tools to break through? Creating Lasting Change: The 7 Steps to Maximum Impact guides you down the path to becoming a more effective inspirational leader. In this 10-day program, you will examine leadership from a unique perspective-the ability to influence the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. You can learn to: •Influence thoughts, emotions and actions in others •Recognize the patterns behind all human behavior •Apply immediately the principles of human needs psychology •Create lasting impact with any person, group or situation •Help others identify what may be holding them back in life Creating Lasting Change includes: • 12 CDs •1 DVD with four case studies of the 7 Master Steps in action •Comprehensive workbook.