Asianefficiency – Automation Academy

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Asianefficiency – Automation Academy

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Asianefficiency - Automation Academy

Asianefficiency – Automation Academy

Price: $399


Save 5+ Hours a Week by Automating Your Repetitive Tasks

Everything You’ll Get to Save 5+ Hours Per Week

Here’s everything you’ll get to save 5+ hours per week.

You’ll get plug-and-play automation scripts that you can download and use with just a couple clicks (and zero technical setup or coding skills). These scripts will:

  • Automatically download email attachments and — based on the type of file — take different actions, so you can sort everything where it needs to go without having to read every single email as it comes in
  • Scan documents and have them automatically filed into folders, so the info is there when you need it with zero effort
  • Automating how to deal with emails quickly, so you maintain Inbox Zero in only 30 minutes a day
  • Automate repetitive finance + bookkeeping tasks, so taxes and bookkeeping become smooth and hassle free, and your time is freed up for more important stuff
  • Extract information from a file, so you don’t have to waste time hunting it down
  • Sort, file, and rename scanned documents (PDF), like hand written notes or hand written notes on printed emails. Save those important documents without having to hang onto documents forever! You could even use this for greeting cards and personal letters
  • Automate how your downloaded files get dealt with, so they’re sent to the correct place and then deleted from the downloads folder
  • Pay bills automatically every month without ever worrying about being a day late again
  • Keep up with the on-going and monthly recording of various home-related accounts: utilities, credit cards, cable bill (split amongst business and personal internet, phone, and media), tracking of business mileage, etc. Simplify the record keeping and eliminate paper through automation
  • Color code old files in your downloads folder, so you can easily tell what’s new
  • Move iPhone/iPad photos from Airdrop to desktop folder, so all your photos are in one place and you don’t have to look on different devices and social media accounts to find them
  • Rename bank statements and move them to your finance folder, just in case you ever need them later
  • Rename invoices and move them to an invoices folder, so you can quickly and easily bill clients
  • Share screenshots and videos with people without uploading anything
  • Move stuff from your desktop/downloads folder to elsewhere, so it stays organized and you know where stuff is
  • Have journal templates created automatically every day, so there’s zero friction when you sit down to journal. Your template prompts you, so you stick to your daily journaling ritual
  • Do your weekly review much easier, because the template is auto-generated at the day and time you want, every single week
  • Delete emails automatically if they’re from a specified sender and a certain number of days have gone by (Outlook and Gmail)
  • Control and track several versions of the same files without getting confused and accidentally wasting time by working on the wrong one

5 monthly payments of $89

  • 15+ Downloadable Plug-and-Play Automation Workflows
  • 15 Over-the-Shoulder Training Videos
  • Case Studies and Examples of People Who Automated Their Repetitive Tasks
  • Automation Tools Checklist and Discounts
  • 4 Recorded Implementation Calls


  • 15+ Downloadable Plug-and-Play Automation Workflows
  • 15 Over-the-Shoulder Training Videos
  • Case Studies and Examples of People Who Automated Their Repetitive Tasks
  • Automation Tools Checklist and Discounts
  • 4 Recorded Implementation Calls

Automation Academy will save you 5 hours a week. That’s 250 hours a year of your life back.

And honestly, that’s low-balling it. If you use ALL the scripts we provide, you could easily save 10+ hours a week.

Exclusive Bonus for First 25 New Clients: The Automation Academy Library — to Save You Even More Time

For the people who are REALLY committed to saving time and efficiency, we have a bonus that will save you even more time. The first 25 people who join Automation Academy will get the Automation Academy Library.

In the Library, you’ll get access to advanced and time-saving automation workflows and scripts that we use at Asian Efficiency to save time. These are things we use ourselves (me, Thanh, and the rest of the team) to run our business, manage our personal lives and families, maintain Inbox Zero in 30 minutes a day, and more. This special bonus is not for sale anywhere and it contains information we have never revealed publicly.

Here’s everything you get:

  • 15 plug-and-play automation scripts that you can download and use with only a few clicks and zero coding, technical skills, or setup
  • Training on how to set up your own custom automations beyond what we give you
  • Automation tools checklist + discount codes
  • 5 case studies, so you can get ideas for yourself from seeing how other people did it
  • Recorded coaching calls, so you see real-world examples of people, just like you, implement automation workflows that you can use too
  • Bonus if you’re one of the first 25 to enroll: the Automation Academy Library with our personal workflows and scripts to save you even more time

All you have to do to join is enroll in the Automation Academy right now for only $399.

This one-time investment will get you EVERYTHING listed above, and you can keep it forever.

Exclusive Bonus for the First 100 People
Who Join

For the first 100 people who join the Automation Academy, we’re offering an exclusive bonus. You’ll get access to the Web Automation Masterclass ($199 value).

Discover how you can automate all your websites, web apps and productivity apps and make them work together. We cover IFTTT (If This, Then That) and Zapier in more detail and how we use it at Asian Efficiency. We will give you examples and workflows you can use to automate anything you do on the web. This special bonus is only available for the first 100 people who enroll right now.

This bonus will be added to your account immediately. If you see this message, that means there are still spots left. After 100 new clients, we will remove this bonus and this message from this page. So enroll now before it’s gone!

If for any reason at all you’re not happy with the Automation Academy, we offer a…

60-day Moneyback Guarantee

Go at your own pace through the course. But if for any reason you want your money back, just email us within the first 60 days, and we’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund. You don’t even have to give us a reason why, and you can download and keep all workflows and scripts — we’re that confident that this course will save you time.

Get Asianefficiency – Automation Academy immediately!