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Badges Professional Writer

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Badges Professional Writer

Badges Professional Writer

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Claim Your Spot in AWAI Verified Badges…
And Master Important Collateral Copy Skills That Can Start Paying You Right Away!

YES! Enroll me today in AWAI Verified™: Mastering the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know… Otherwise known as “Badges” — where I’ll master the eight (8) most important and in-demand collateral copywriting assignments.

These are skills I must learn as a copywriter.

Every client and marketer I work with will expect me to have them.

Through AWAI VerifiedTM “Badges,” I can learn and master them now quickly. And because these writing projects are in such high demand by AWAI and other marketers…

I can use my new skills to start earning money as a copywriter much sooner than later!

Here’s a recap of how “Badges” works and the many benefits you’ll get:

Begin Today

I can begin mastering these all-important skills immediately.

I simply log onto the “Badges” program website… click on the first skill I want to learn… meet my instructor (either AWAI’s Rebecca Matter, Sandy Franks, or Pam Foster… ) and I’ll be guided step by step through my video webinar learning session.

Immediate Access to All Resources…

I’ll also have immediate access to all the guides, resources, samples, templates, research, and product information I’ll need to complete my assignment from each module — including the latest AWAI sales letter controls upon which each “collateral” writing piece will be based.

All Verified Tests and Assignments…

To earn each of my 8 badges, I’ll complete and pass a multiple-choice test on the material presented in each learning module… PLUS I’ll be required to produce writing samples that pass muster with AWAI’s Board of Academic Advisors.

I’ll find all the test information and instructions for submitting writing samples on my “Badges” website.

Once I pass both the test and writing samples, I’ll be awarded my Badge.

Personalized, Written Feedback

Should initial drafts of my writing require improvement, I’ll get written feedback from a member of AWAI’s copywriter review team with specific and constructive suggestions for improving my copy.

More Help When I Need It…

As a premium AWAI VerifiedTM “Badges” member, I’ll have direct email and telephone access to AWAI’s Member Services team anytime I have a question about the program.

Any question Member Services can’t answer — or any specific matters concerning the assignments or the learning material — will be forwarded on my behalf to 6-figure veteran copywriter and “Badges” instructor Pam Foster.

My “Can’t Fail” Guarantee

I also understand that the team at AWAI will work with me until I earn all 8 of my badges — and I have portfolio-quality samples I can be proud to show any prospective client for all 8 skill sets.

I Can Take All the Time I Need

Sessions should take roughly 2 weeks to complete, depending on how much time I’m able to commit. That said, I can complete the “Badges” program entirely at my own pace. There are no deadlines or time limits. And once a member, I’ll have access to all the “Badges” learning sessions and all the resources… for life.

The 8 Badges I’ll Earn and my Personalized “Advanced Member” Page

I’m free to use the Badges I earn to promote my skills on my personal website or in my self-promotion materials.

In addition, each of these Badges will also be posted by AWAI on my exclusive AWAI Advanced Member Webpage… a page created specifically for me that tells others in the industry that I have successfully completed each of the 8 crucial elements of study to AWAI’s satisfaction.

Here, again, are the eight (8) “collateral” writing skills I’ll be mastering along with the fees I can expect to earn:

Badges Module #1
Space Ads

Small, 50- to 100-word ads meant to grab your reader’s attention by arousing curiosity and interest so he or she “takes action.”

Potential pay: $100 to $150 for less than an hour of writing.

Badges Module #2
Editorial and Content Writing

“News” stories that quietly promote client products, help with search rankings, and serve as an informational “landing page” when readers click from such ad platforms as Facebook, Google, and the ad networks.

Potential pay: $300 to $800 for a day (or less) of research and writing.

Badges Module #3
Email Copywriting

Short 1- to 2-page personal “notes” or “stick letters” that reaffirm your reader’s decision to buy… emails that encourage him or her to click through to a sales letter… and more.

Potential pay: As much as $1,000 for full series of campaign emails.

Badges Module #4
Lead-Gen Pages

A simple landing page where you encourage your reader to submit his or her name and email address in exchange for something of value, like an eBook or special report.

Potential Pay: $150 per ad (more if you help create and write the incentive gift).

Badges Module #5
Sales Funnel Copy

A series of emails and letters that get hot prospects to buy… and buyers to buy more.

Potential pay: between $500 and $1,000 depending on the number of emails and complexity of the sales funnel.

Badges Module #6
Video Scripts

Short, fun 2- to 3-minute “intro or informational” videos where you’re not only the writer, you get to play director and cinematographer as well.

Potential Pay: $300 to $500 for the script.

Badges Module #7
SEO Writing

A crucial skill that helps your client reach the top of the search results by placing the right words and phrases in the right parts of content pieces and web pages.

Potential pay: $500 to $1,200 in hourly fees per client.

Badges Module #8
Social Media

Copy that helps your client promote marketing campaigns and company image through social media posts that engage and inform readers.

Potential pay: As much as $2,500 in monthly retainers to take charge of a company’s social media effort.