Ben Amos – Online Video Strategy Blueprint

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Ben Amos – Online Video Strategy Blueprint

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Ben Amos – Online Video Strategy Blueprint

Ben Amos – Online Video Strategy Blueprint

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The world of video production for business has changed.

Are you DONE with producing videos for your clients only to see those videos go NOWHERE, do NOTHING,and FAIL to get results
for your clients?

What is the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course?

The Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course breaks down my complete framework for working with clients to develop an effective online video strategy for their brand.

35 lessons

8 modules

Access to 2 x Live Q&A Group Coaching Calls per month, every month and a whole bunch of valuable templates, checklists, flowcharts and downloads for you to adapt within your own business processes and implement right now with your clients.

This is the exact system we use in my video strategy agency to help our clients businesses grow through video, and it’s a framework that has directly led to over $1M in sales for my business over the last few years.

This is the toolkit you need to confidently begin your journey from video producer to video strategist and position your video business for the future of online video marketing in our digital world.

Take a look inside what’s in the course?

Introduction Module

An introduction to the course and an overview of the Blueprint Framework and the changing face of our industry today.

  • LESSON 1: Introduction to the Course
  • LESSON 2: The State of Online Video Marketing Today
  • LESSON 3: Strategy vs Tactics and the 7 Elements for Effective Online Video

Module 1: Audience

As we dive into the first element of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint we’ll get clear on mindset, processes and tactics to clearly identify the audience for a video strategy.

  • LESSON 1: Developing a Customer Avatar
  • LESSON 2: The Customer Acquisition Cycle
  • LESSON 3: The Customer Conversion Funnel
  • LESSON 4: Customer / Keyword Research Tools and Tactics

Module 2: Goals

Setting clear Goals for a video strategy aligned to a businesses development and marketing goals is critical in implementing the right video in the right way.

Module 2 unpacks a strategic approach to goal setting.

  • LESSON 1: Undertaking a Marketing Needs Analysis
  • LESSON 2: Aligning Your Goals to the Customer Journey

Module 3: Content

The Content element reveals a strategic approach to mapping out what videos to make, what to include in those videos and what type of videos work best when aligning to specific goals in a video strategy.

  • LESSON 1: A Strategic Content Planning Process
  • LESSON 2: Content Approach (Brand Positioning)
  • LESSON 3: Content Approach (Social Engagement)
  • LESSON 4: Content Approach (Conversion)
  • LESSON 5: Content Approach (Delight)
  • LESSON 6: Content Examples and Case Studies

Module 4: Distribution

Without Distribution on the right platforms in the right ways, even the most amazing video content will fail to reach your intended audience, and therefore fail to return on your client’s investment. This module gets tactical as we dive in to a strategic approach for Distribution.

  • LESSON 1: Distribution Strategy Overview
  • LESSON 2: YouTube Distribution Strategy
  • LESSON 3: Facebook Distribution Strategy
  • LESSON 4: Instagram Distribution Strategy
  • LESSON 5: LinkedIn Distribution Strategy
  • LESSON 6: Other Distribution Channels
  • LESSON 7: Paid Amplification Strategies

Module 5: Optimisation

Even the best content, distributed on the right platforms in the right way will still fail to reach the intended audience without a clear Optimisation strategy in place for each platform.

  • LESSON 1: Optimisation Overview
  • LESSON 2: YouTube SEO Tactics
  • LESSON 3: Facebook / Instagram Optimisation Tactics

Module 6: Metrics

Return on video investment and therefore the effectiveness of your strategy cannot be determined without an understand of the Metrics that matter for any given video.

  • LESSON 1: Which Metrics Matter
  • LESSON 2: Understanding YouTube Analytics
  • LESSON 3: Understanding Facebook Analytics (COMING EARLY 2020)

Module 7: Production

The final element to make strategic decisions around is Production, and this is where we decide how the video will actually be produced, but with a ‘strategy first’ mindset.

  • LESSON 1: A Strategy Based Production Mindset

Module 8: The Business of Video Strategy

Now that you have gained a deep understanding of the 7 elements critical to an effective online video strategy, we’ll be consider what the business case is as a video strategist, and explore some templates and processes you can use or adapt with your clients.

  • LESSON 1: Video Strategy Business Models
  • LESSON 2: Writing a Video Strategy Plan
  • LESSON 3: The One Page Video Strategy Canvas
  • LESSON 4: Course Wrap Up and Where to Next…

VIP Mentorship Level Only: You’ll be guided through the entire Online Video Strategy Blueprint journey with Ben by your side. With one on one access to Ben across 4 x scheduled video training sessions with you and/or your team, as well as 12 weeks of full, unlimited email or messenger access to help you fast track the implementation of the Blueprint concepts for you unique business needs. You’ll also be able to provide individual access to the online course content to up to 3 x additional members of your team at no extra cost.

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