Brett Shoemaker – The Real Estate Success Academy

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Brett Shoemaker – The Real Estate Success Academy

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Brett Shoemaker - The Real Estate Success Academy

Brett Shoemaker – The Real Estate Success Academy

Price: $497

What you’ll learn in this video

Golden Nugget Tips on how to Kickstart your real estate business while doing less work! ⚒️

A step by step plan that helps you succeed despite not having any sales experience, & limited marketing budget.

A proven blueprint that will help you  generate & close leads at a high rate

Visual proof of commission checks earned during a 10 mos. period totaling over $100k

Right out of Real Estate school I found out everything was not all it seemed.

I was “trained” to be a real estate agent, but not “coached” on how to be a prosperous one.

So I kept my full-time job and did real estate on the side.

The level of daily frustration I felt at having my real estate license yet having no success was killing me inside.

I knew succeeding meant generating leads by working with buyers, expireds, FSBOS, along with a few more ways.

The biggest problem is knowing what you need to do, but not having a strategy behind you.

A game-plan on how to win.

I came up with a system that can be customized to a Real Estate Agent’s lifestyle yet still allow them to scale their business the right way… At their pace…

While Working Less Hours.

My 1st year out the gate, I made $123,000 in GCI! (Real Estate Commissions). 💰

All of that was money earned in a 10 month period.

Now while that may sound great to you, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that I did this without working long, insane hours..

I Actually Started Working Less Hours! 😬

Within 30 days I’d quit my other job, and was able to do Real Estate full-time but on a part-time basis.

To be honest, I didn’t work late evenings, nor did I work weekends once I got the momentum I needed with my newly created blueprint.

I shot this video and put together this Coaching Program because I’m looking for people like myself who have a burning desire to straight up Crush it as a Real Estate Agent