Brooke Castillo – Entrepreneurial Management

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Brooke Castillo – Entrepreneurial Management

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Brooke Castillo - Entrepreneurial Management

Brooke Castillo – Entrepreneurial Management

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Here’s what’s in the course:

1. You as the Founder
(How to become the entrepreneur who scales without the stress)

2. Your Beloved Business
(Building a compass to guarantee your business’ future)

3. Your People
(How to hire, manage, and fire people…the right way)

4. Your Processes & Systems
(Creating a company that can run without you)

As an amazing bonus, you will also get copies of all the manuals and documents I use to run my business.

Each piece builds on the other in a way that transforms how you think about and manage your business.

Ready to transform your business?

Here is the full list of included lessons:

Part 1You as the Founder
Module 1You as the Founder
Module 2Your Freedom
Module 3Your Money
Module 4Entrepreneur vs. Solopreneur
Module 5Your Capacity for Success
Part 2Your Beloved Company
Module 1Company Vision
Module 2Company Values
Module 3Manifesto
Module 4Company Money
Module 5Company Model
Part 3Your People
Module 1Culture Who
Module 2Strategists vs. Tactician
Module 3Hiring
Module 4Onboarding
Module 5Managing
Module 6Expectations & Accountability
Module 7Firing
Part 4Your Process & Systems
Module 1Your Processes & Systems
Module 2Stats & Measures
Module 3Creating a Narrative
Module 4Backstage Processes
Module 5Meetings
Module 6Monday Hour One
Module 7Communication Filters
Module 8Manager Filters
Module 9Company Manual


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