Chris Curran – Trading The Curran 3-Line Break Method A Professional Strategy For Daytrading The Eminis

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Chris Curran - Trading The Curran 3-Line Break Method A Professional Strategy For Daytrading The Eminis

Chris Curran – Trading The Curran 3-Line Break Method A Professional Strategy For Daytrading The Eminis

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Let Chris Curran Teach You His Core Strategy For Trading The S&P 500 E-Minis…

A Personal Message From Chris Curran:

Dear Trader:

My name is Chris Curran and I have been trading equities and futures for over 15 years. In my new interactive training module, “Trading The Curran 3-Line Break Method: A Professional Strategy For Daytrading The E-minis,” I will teach you my core strategy for trading the E-minis. You will need charting software that offers good 3-line break charts, such as eSignal, MetaStock, ErlangerQuote, Investor R/T and Ensign, to take full advantage of my training course.

What is the Curran 3-Line Break Method?

The Curran 3-Line Break Method is an intraday trading strategy that provides you with the following:

Immediate identification of strong new trends as they are starting in a 1-minute time frame.
False, short-lived trends are filtered out.
The alerts you receive are unambiguous and easily recognizable. There is no discretionary judgment required.
You are potentially able to enter high-momentum trends when they are beginning.
Once you’ve entered, you are able to ride out the trend through most of its duration, while locking in profits through the use of trailing stops.

Here is an actual example of a Curran 3-Line Break trade. This is from a recent day of my own trading.


We’re long at 1005.75. Price surges.
At 1009.25 we scale out half our position for a +3.50 gain.
The remaining long position is stopped out at 1007.50 for a +1.75.
We flip to a short position at 1007.50.
The E-minis collapse and we take profits on half our position at 1005.25 for a gain of +2.25.
The rest of the short is covered at 1003.25 for a gain of +4.25.

How Does the 3-Line Break Method Enable You to Do This?

First, you will be learning a charting technique that you’ve probably never heard of, called Break Point charts, in order to identify trends in their earliest stages. Then you will apply the systematic approach I developed (and refined over the course of over a thousand trades during a two-year period) in order to trade these trends.

During my 15 years of trading, I have traded and tested many methodologies. Out of all of them, I would rank the 3-Line Break Method as “Number One” in its ability to identify and achieve early entries into high-momentum trends. Of course, nothing works perfectly 100% of the time, but here is hint of what the 3-Line Break Method enables you to do.

Course Description—Here is What I Will Teach You In My Module

While my training module is aimed at experienced E-mini traders, it is also well-suited for less experienced traders. I not only teach you the strategy I use to earn my living as a trader—but I also provide you with the basics of E-mini trading so that traders with less experience can quickly get up to speed.

And what if you are an advanced trader? If you are, you’ll gain an edge in your trading by finally being able to see (not to mention trade) a clean representation of the most powerful and sustained trends in S&Ps.

There are 5 sections in this course. Here they are:

In Section I, I’ll start off by teaching you the basics of E-minis. You’ll learn how you can take advantage of the unique advantages of E-mini trading such as no overnight risk, greater leverage than stocks, ease of shorting, high liquidity and favorable tax treatment.

Next, in Section II, I’ll lay out the groundwork for you to fully understand the 3-Line Break Method. You’ll learn what a Point Break chart is and how to interpret their characteristic green and red lines in order to identify the strongest trends just after they begin forming. You will see just how these charts clear out most of the noise and explicitly display for you the trends that are worth trading.

Then in Section III, you learn the 3-Line Break trade entry rules. There are only four steps from trend detection to entry and initial stop-loss placement. How is that possible? The answer is that Point Break charts eliminate multiple steps you’d have to apply in order to find the major trends. All you have to do is apply my four steps which allow you to do the following:

Find the current trend.
Pre-determine the price level which, if broken, will confirm that a new trend is under way.
Place a limit order to capture the entry if that price level is hit.
Once the price level is hit and your entry is executed, place your initial stop at a predetermined level.

In Section IV, I’ll teach you my four favorite strategies to manage 3-Line Break Method trades once you’ve entered them. These strategies will add a maximum of two more steps to the four steps that you learn to enter a trade. Each strategy aggressively controls risk in different ways and uses different exit techniques. Here they are:

Always In—The method simply keeps you in the market as long as you wish by mechanically entering and exiting your whole position. This strategy can be used in both a trending and range-bound market because it will eliminate the market “noise” that shakes out so many traders. While this will appeal to professionals, this is also a great way for newer traders to get their feet wet by trading one contract only.
Fibonacci Exits—I recommend this strategy for experienced traders who are trading larger size and who wish to have greater control over the risk during a trade. This method does this by pulling money off the table at Fibonacci-based intervals in order to reduce risk as a trade moves in your favor.
Catching the Train That Left the Station Without You—What do you do when the market is locked into an extreme trend and all you see is a one-way move? This strategy allows you to confidently capture an entry into the move.
Trade in the Direction of the Next Higher Time Frame—This is a great strategy if you are highly risk-averse and wish to take only the most conservative high-probability trades. Trading this strategy is simple. Since the 3-Line Break Method trades in the 1-minute time frame, you would trade only in the direction of the trend that you see in the 3-minute time frame.

In my module, I will teach you these strategies and more, by walking you through all the required steps in detailed charts in which I’ve clearly labeled the points where you enter, place your stops, and then finally exit.

Finally in Section V, I’ll train you to become a master at applying my 3-Line Break Strategy by taking you bar-by-bar through simulations of a total of 38 actual trades in which I have applied every rule and every strategy that I teach you in the course.

In each simulation, you will begin the day as I do at the opening bell, with your 1-minute chart in front of you.

At the open, I tell you what my game plan is and whether there are any news or government reports that may produce good 3-Line Break trading opportunities. From there, you’ll see new market action unfold bar-by-bar just as you do in the real world. And on the basis of that information, you’ll making trading decisions on your own with me at your side, coaching and correcting you as needed. You will buy, short and exit as dictated by all of the rules I’ve taught you. As you make these decisions, I will tell you immediately whether you are right or wrong.

And along the way, I will teach you insights and nuances I’ve learned by logging literally well over a thousand trades using this one methodology.

My goal is that by the time you have completed these simulations, you will have the skill level and confidence you need to trade the 3-Line Break Method on your own.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About The 3-Line Break Method

This training module is the first time that I am releasing this methodology publicly. Thus far, I have only taught it privately to a small number of traders one-on-one. That is certainly to your advantage because:

It has allowed me to confirm that my knowledge can be successfully transferred to and applied by other traders. You can see that by the endorsements on this page.
It has allowed me to anticipate what have become the most frequently asked questions among people new to 3-Line Break Method.