Claire Pelletreau 2020 – Absolute FB Ads 2019

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Claire Pelletreau 2020 - Absolute FB Ads 2019

Claire Pelletreau 2020 – Absolute FB Ads 2019

Price:  $1497

Brutally honest newsflash for course creators, coaches + service providers
itching to grow their business online:
It’s time to stop screwing around with Facebook ads (or avoiding them altogether).
You don’t need to be a math genius, an extroverted influencer or Zuckerberg himself to make Facebook & Instagram ads work for you.
Get more eyes on your digital courses & products
✓ Grow your email list with subscribers who l-o-v-e what you’re puttin’ down
 Turn those subscribers into SALES (and LOTS of ‘em) in your next launch or funnel…
If you’re ready to finally →
Let the gurus keep their complicated strategies and douchey tactics.
All you need is a simple, step-by-step approach to launch your profitable ad campaign: from strategy to testing (and everything in between).
Absolute FB Ads is your bullshit-free roadmap for creating strategic and effective ads that grow your online business…
Even if you’ve struggled to get results in the past (or feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to begin).
Maybe you’ve already been burned big time by the fickle Facebook ads manager…
And you definitely aren’t alone if you’ve already wasted a couple hundred (or thousand) dollars on ads that didn’t bring home the bacon.
If you’ve heard the horror stories (or lived one yourself)…
Facebook ads can feel like buckling up for the world’s most expensive roller coaster ride.
The highs and lows are no joke →
Setting up the tech, tracking and testing for your ads feels more complicated than calculus, and you’re not quite sure if you even got it right…
There’s the rush of adrenaline (OK, anxiety) as you finally launch your ads and set them free in your audience’s newsfeed…

So you check your ads obsessively and hit the crushing realization that nobody’s clicking or converting — and you’re burning through cash FAST.
The next day, there’s a strange and unexplained uptick in your ads (yay!)…
But the people who do sign up end up costing you money…
And all those new subscribers turn out to be freebie vampires who never buy or engage.
Worst of all? You have no idea how to troubleshoot what the hell went wrong.
So you turn off your ads, cut your losses, and take a timeout until you can figure it out.
Or perhaps you’re suffering from a serious (and totally real) affliction known as “failure to launch” 
You’re not sure exactly what to do with Facebook or Instagram ads, so you don’t do anything…
You’ve heard that if you’ve got a small budget then you shouldn’t even bother…
You’re convinced that you’re going to lose money on your ads, no matter how hard you try…
And the thought of balancing your budget, choosing the right audience and understanding where all your money went gives you a mammoth-sized migraine.
Get access to expert feedback on your campaigns
inside the Absolute FB Ads Support Group 
Ongoing support is sadly an afterthought in so many Facebook ad courses… and that means you’re totally on your own if you get stuck or need help with a specific question while Facebook is spending your money.
I want you to have a place to discuss new updates and challenges you’re facing with your Facebook & Instagram ads… in real-time.
Plus, as you develop your skills, you’ll invariably venture into the land of more complex advertising tactics. You’ll have questions, and I want to be there to answer them for you.
The Absolute Support Group is a private group on Facebook EXCLUSIVELY for Absolute FB Ads customers. My team and I will be there to help answer questions, level up your strategy, and hold your hand through any changes to Facebook’s ever-evolving interface!
I think of this as the kind of support Facebook SHOULD have, but doesn’t.
This community is ONLY about Facebook ads. This isn’t a place to promote your blog or round up new clients. I like keeping the group FOCUSED so it doesn’t become overwhelming or cluttered with anything unnecessary. Just great information about how to fix Facebook ad problems and achieve greater levels of success.
Total value of the support you’ll receive as part of this course? At least $5000…
Especially when you consider what a profitable ad campaign can do for your visibility, reach, and your bottom line, like Sarah:
PLUS I’m hooking you up with 2 more killer bonuses
to help you implement FAST…
BONUS #2: Expert eyes on your ads during monthly strategy calls ($2000 value)
You’ve got BIG goals in your business, right? What you may not know are all the ways that you can use Facebook ads to achieve them (and what to do if you’re stuck).
Each month, you can jump on a group call hosted by myself or one of my hand-picked Absolute Support Coaches. You’ll get to talk about your specific business and what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’ll give you personalized advice about how to combine Facebook ads with organic tactics so you can get there faster.
(If you can’t attend a live call, you can submit your questions in advance and catch the replay when it suits you!)
BONUS #3: A simple but effective ad strategy for launching your online course ($1000 value)
Understanding how to integrate Facebook ads into your launch strategy can be confusing, but I’ve got a 3-part method I use to launch highly-profitable Facebook ad campaigns for my 7 & 8-figure launch clients.
It’s not fancy or complicated. And I’ll show you implement the same strategies I use to help my clients make bank in your own launches — without the sky-high ad costs.
  • Lifetime access to the complete Absolute FB Ads System, rich with examples, rapid-action instructions and step-by-step screenshots ($2000 value)6 video tutorials ($900 value)
  • BONUS 1: Ongoing feedback and support inside the Absolute FB Ads members-only Facebook group ($5000 value)
  • BONUS 2: Monthly strategy + Q&A calls ($2000 value)
  • BONUS 3: A simple but dangerously effective FB ads strategy game plan for course launches ($1000 value)