David Lindahl – The Foreclosure Investing Riches 2018

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David Lindahl – The Foreclosure Investing Riches 2018

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Your Wealth-Building Tool Kit.
How to create steady monthly income with real estate.
In this easy-to-follow home study course, youll see how to find foreclosed properties, lock down a great deal, fix the property quickly (without getting your hands dirty) and flip it for fast gains – all in todays market.
Well even show you how to fund your property so that you dont need any of your own money. We bought and sold 247 properties (houses and apartment buildings) in 5 years and made money on every single one. To us, the front door on a foreclosed property is like the entrance to a goldmine. It can be that way for you too.

Full-time income from a part-time effort.
Imagine what it would be like to work just a few hours each week and make as much or more money than you earn in a full-time job. Its possible when you know the right way to invest in real estate.
Well show you the right way. Our home study course shows how to:
Find profitable homes before other investors.
Quick-turn a prime property for less than 500 out of pocket.
Complete a fast and accurate 10-minute profit analysis of a property.
Be first to capitalize on rapid changes in local real estate markets.
Locate income properties with steady cash flow potential.
Flip contracts on properties and collect 5-figure check.
Get sellers to accept your terms without haggling.
Finance your deals with going to a bank.
Sell for top dollar even in todays market.
And much more…

Get the money you need to buy any property. No borrowing limit.
See how to buy properties even if your own home is in foreclosure and you have no cash.

Buy property with no monthly payments.
Learn how to skip the bank and borrow with no bank qualifying.

Risk-free flipping. even in TODAYS market.
Youll see how wholesale the contract on a property to other investors.

Flip apartment buildings and really ratchet up the potential for gains.
For the same effort as a house, you can flip an apartment building. Its like flipping a whole city block!

See invisible foreclosures that others miss.
If you rely on public Web-based listings of foreclosed homes, you could be missing 9 out of 10 properties. Well show you how to find hidden foreclosures other investors dont know about.
Puts Your Success on Automatic

The techniques we teach you are almost all automated. Our goal is to free you from the tasks that eat up your time.
Make sellers and buyers qualify themselves and only contact you when theyre ready to take our deal and sign your contract.
Get free advertising from neighbors who live near the house youre selling.
Drive up the perceived value of your houses and create bidding wars by pitting prospective buyers against each other.
Sell houses quickly without an agent and save those huge commissions. Its like having an EXTRA 5-Figure Income!

Weve made it easy to know how to invest in foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned. Youll get investing secrets proven to work in any economy.
Know how to make meticulous property inspections even when you cant visit the property in person. See problems as clear as if RED FLAGS were pinned to them.
See how to easily pump out hidden profits from all kinds of properties.
Quickly analyze deals. Pinpoint good deals, but more importantly. steer clear of the bad ones.
Know what to offer and how to get your offer accepted.
Get phone scripts to follow when talking with sellers. Know what you need to say and how to say it. Plus what you can to say to get sellers to reduce their price by 30 or more.
Ours is the only complete home study foreclosure investing solution available today. Shows you how to profit from foreclosures at each lucrative stage. Pre-foreclosure, Short Sale, Foreclosure, and REO.
We are both active real estate investors in the trenches uncovering new techniques and adjusting our strategies in order to do more deals. Weve done 247 deals in the last 5 years.
The strategies we give you work in todays market. But because the markets can change on a dime, we also give you strategies for every market condition so that you constantly stay in the money.

Success Belongs to Those Who Reach for It!
ACT NOW because.
Todays Incredible Real Estate Market Wont Last Forever
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You and Your Family Deserve Wealth