Elisha Celeste – Kinetix Partner Fascial Release

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Elisha Celeste – Kinetix Partner Fascial Release
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Elisha Celeste - Kinetix Partner Fascial Release

Elisha Celeste – Kinetix Partner Fascial Release



Imagine living the rest of your life feeling at ease and at home in your mind and body.

The reason you feel stuck or struggle to heal quickly when pain, injury or trauma happen is because you havent learned how to confront – and heal – yourself. This isnt your fault. Most of us weren’t taught this.

Weve been taught to believe other people know more about our bodies, hearts and minds than us, and maybe most dangerous of all:that pain is something to be afraid of.

Pain is nothing more than a sign we are OUT OF INTEGRITY somewhere: physically, mentally, emotionally. You already possess – right now – the wisdom and ingredients you need to bring yourself into alignment: mind, body and spirit.

I want to see you confident and unafraid of adversity, because the truth is:

  • Youre capable of healing yourself from minor and massivepain- whether recent injuries, childhood trauma or chronic pain.
  • Youre capable of knowing what your body is telling you when you feel pain,anxiety, tension etc.
  • Youre capable of being your own bodysexpert.
  • Youre capable of movingstressand traumaout of your body, which will free you up to pursue life on your terms.
  • Youre capable ofpreventingmost common injuries.
  • When pain does happen (because some pain is inevitable, unless you live in a bubble) youre capable ofrecoveringfar faster than youve been led to believe is normal.
  • Youre capable of tapping into your own mind-body connection torewireyour body and brain.
  • Youre capable of healing rapidly,FEELING MORE HUMANand experiencing life at deeper and higher levels when you allow pain its rightful place in your life: whether physical, psychological emotional or spiritual.
  • Youre capable of living – and aging – withvibrancy!

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