Entheos Academy II – Make Your Life with Coach Joelle Prochera

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Entheos Academy II – Make Your Life with Coach Joelle Prochera

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Entheos Academy II - Make Your Life with Coach Joelle Prochera

Entheos Academy II – Make Your Life with Coach Joelle Prochera

Price: $3000

You have the power to create your life.

There is a life you want to live, a path you are aching to walk down and the Make Your Life program is here to make that journey one of profound meaning, personal power, and joy.

In this highly interactive, inspiring and practical action-based program, Coach Joelle Prochera is your guide.  As you embrace your purpose, define your vision, establish your goals, connect to your own personal power and tune in to the energy of a magical universe, you make your dreams reality.

Three months from now, you will have moved your big ideas forward, broken through barriers, smashed your fears, witnessed miracles and developed a whole family of empowering beliefs.  You will have gained the tools to be a LifeMaker, a conscious creator, someone who owns his/her power and takes total responsibility for his/her life experience.

What life will you “make” in your program?

That is limited only by your imagination and your willingness to take action. With your very own certified coach, get ready to completely rock your world!

Will you dare to dream?

Are you willing to face your fears?

Is it time to squash those crummy limiting beliefs once and for all?

Are you ready to become the person you have always known you could be? Are you ready to take action to live the life you have imagined?


Well, this is your program!

In this 12-week intensive, Coach Joelle Prochera will be your guide as you take on the ultimate adventure – to consciously create the life you have always imagined! Get ready to experience the magic of your life lived on purpose.

The Make Your Life Program is an immersive, fun, and creative process that will literally change your life!

Through your program you will get in touch with what brings you joy and meaning and access your life-making tool kit to get more of the good stuff in your day to day.

As you explore each lesson, you will gain the fundamental skills you need to break through the internal and external barriers in order to live the life you have imagined.

So join me for a moment and Imagine…

IMAGINE…. it’s three months from now, you have just completed The Make Your Life Program and you are loving your life!

You have spent the last three months learning what it takes to be a conscious creator.  You are peaceful and living in the moment.

You marvel at the world around you, full of magic and delight, you wonder how you could have missed it all before.

No longer a victim of outside forces, you amaze yourself with how quickly you can get yourself out of a bad mood and back on the right track.

You are intrigued by how the things that you used to fear no longer have the power to stop you.

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You feel healthier than you have in ages.

You know you are worthy and deserving of all the good things that you have imagined and you know, with certainty, that not only are your dreams attainable, they are on their way to you right now.

Most astonishingly, you are in awe of yourself.

You wonder how you could ever have seen yourself as anything less than amazing.  For you realize that you not only have the power to create your life, but have witnessed that power at work  You have transformed your world in big and little ways over the past two months.

Welcome to the magic of your life lived on purpose!

Can you feel your imagination expanding? Is your heart starting to ache with the longing for that life? Is it time… your time? Let’s talk. Email me or call me 216-320-9298 to explore how the Make Your Life Program can create the change you are ready for.

In The Make Your Life Program, you will learn and apply the tools, coaching models, and life skills necessary to consciously create your life and bring your dreams and inspired visions to reality.

– Create clarity and intention around what you want. It’s time to passionatly and unapologetically own it, baby!

– Believe that you are worthy, capable, and deserving of all the good things that you imagine for your life.??

– Fearlessly pursue your future, while loving your “right now”.

– Become a mental master, and harness the power of your thoughts.

– Rise above life’s roadblocks, frustrations, staying empowered, motivated and joyfully moving forward, no matter what life throws at you.

– Deepen your ability to communicate effectively, and get your needs met.  Define and become the best version of you.?

– Find happiness and a greater vitality and passion for life. Learn how to live in the flow and how to access the miraculous.

– Become someone who holds your destiny in your own hands and who consciously “Makes Your Life.”

I am currently offering the Make Your Life Program as a one-on-one coaching program for $3000.00.  That’s you and me on a 3-month mission to make you into a LifeMaking miracle worker!

This price includes:

– Your Make Your Life Workbook (Over 100 pages exercises, tools and worksheets for your LifeMaking.)

– 9 one-on-one coaching sessions over the 3-month program.

– Unlimited phone and email coaching as you need it (That’s right, when I am your coach that means that you get me in your corner to celebrate you, hold you accountable and help open you more and more to your own greatness even when we are not scheduled for a regular coaching call.)

– The knowledge and practice of what it takes to consciously create your life so that you can continue the journey long after the program is over.

Truth is, LifeMaking is the journey of a lifetime and I have spent my lifetime learning, stretching, seeking and growing so that I could bring you what you need to know about the LifeMaking process. And trust me, once you become a LifeMaker, you will never go back.

Now you know more about the program it is either calling to you or not. If you are ready to answer the call of the life that has you aching inside (Ya. It really does feel like an ache. You’ll know it when you feel it.) send me an email to schedule a time to connect and explore what you want to create for your life and to check and see if you and I are a coaching match made in heaven.

It’s time to stop stagnating and start making miracles and I would love to share this journey with you.

Hugs, Power and Crazy Serendipities!

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