Grant Peele – I’m Fine, Thanks!


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Grant Peele – I’m Fine, Thanks!

In reality it’s taken us 9 months, from start to finish… but it feels like we’ve put YEARS of work into this thing.

I guess maybe that’s because it has taken years of work to get to this point.

The movie isn’t possible – not even in the slightest – without this community and the years we’ve spent together.

It gave us the confidence, the connections and the resources to pull this off.

But most important, it gave us the message.

The message of this movie is directly related to what we’ve spent years talking about together on this blog.

So, thank you.

Thanks for supporting this community all these years – and empowering us to go make a movie!

A real freakin’ movie!

(And it’s good, too – if you ask me – really good).

The $5 Download Philosophy…

Over on our site you can download and/or stream the movie for just $5.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions why we are pricing it as low as $5 – what our philosophy is behind that.

It’s simple, we want as MANY people as possible to see the movie.

We know that $5 is a no-brainer for anyone who hears about the movie from a friend. And we know that $5 makes it a no-brainer to gift to a friend – or share with family members.

In our store, we have several options for people who want to support the movie on a deeper level. We have DVDs for sale, an incredible poster, and several gift packages.

We know that if people can see this movie – and feel its message – we won’t have a problem with making it a profitable project!

The DRM-Free Philosophy…

The next big decision we made was to make the movie download DRM-free.

What this means is you can transfer it to any device, any tablet, any phone or computer. You can transfer it just like you would any other file you have. There’s no restriction.

That’s unusual for the current industry.

The giant studios are so worried about people stealing and illegally sharing their movies – they do whatever they can to lock them down, restrict the files, and monitor the access. What ends up happening is people who actually support the art can’t even move it from device to device freely – or can’t download it on another computer at times.

It’s frustrating.

Will people steal and share our movie illegally?

Absolutely. We know that. :)

But we don’t want to punish the people who have supported us (and who will support us) by restricting how they use they movie THEY bought!

Once again, we’ve put everything we have in the message of this movie. We know, firsthand, it changes lives.

And we know that our supporters will always choose to buy our movie – over sharing it illegally – especially when we actually make it easy to support ($5). :)

We think this is the future of movie distribution – and we want to support what we feel is best for our biggest supporters!

For us, this was an easy decision.

The Shipping Philosophy…

If you purchase a DVD, poster, or one of our packages – we’ll obviously have some goods to ship you!

We’ve decided to make shipping in the U.S.A. and Canada absolutely free.

It’s cleaner, simpler, and you know exactly what you are paying.

For international shipping (non-US, non-Canada), we’re going to add a flat $10 shipping fee. Regardless of what you order – and where in the world you live – it’ll be the consistent flat fee.

We will lose money on the far majority of international countries we ship to (on the shipping part, that is) – but this makes the process more transparent and more streamlined.

U.S. & Canada = free.

Every other corner of the globe = $10 flat (even on the big packages).


How Can You Get The Movie?…

Head on over to the “I’m Fine, Thanks” store page – and check out the options:

  • $5 – HD download/stream in any browser.
  • $25 – Collectible DVD + download.
  • $35 – DVD + “Live Your Dream” poster + download.
  • $100+ – A couple multi-DVD packs for holiday gifts.

It’s pretty straightforward.

The DVD + Poster combo is the best value. It’s the package most people will go for (you get the download, too).

If you have a specific package you are shopping for – or a special request – just email me. We’re super flexible on bundling multiple copies for the holidays, companies, etc…

Do we really have any idea what we are doing?…


We don’t.

But we didn’t know what we were doing when we left on the road to film the movie either.

We believe that accessible downloads with no restrictions and a simple shopping/shipping model is the right way to get this message out to the world.

But really – we have no idea. :)

What we do believe in – is the movie.

Watch it.

Let me know what you think!

How You Can Help Spread the Message…

The #1 way to help spread this message – is to share what the movie meant to you.

Sharing what you honestly thought of the movie, how it affected you, and why you believe it’s important…

That’s how movements begin.

Please share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Review the movie on your blog (if you have one).

Buy a couple of extra downloads for your friends or family (we make it easy to give as gifts after you order).


I’m proud of this one.

I really am.

I feel like this movie has been nearly like creating a 5th member of our family. Maybe that’s why it took 9 months. 😉

Here’s my latest baby

Let me know what you think!