Hoodestates – Trucking Masterclass Bundle

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Hoodestates - Trucking Masterclass Bundle

Hoodestates – Trucking Masterclass Bundle

Price: $597

Trucking Masterclass Bundle

The Original Trucking Masterclass + The Trucking Masterclass 2.0

Trucking Masterclass 1.0
Discover How To Earn $1,000+ Per Week (Per Truck) In Passive Income With Truck Investing
No Driving. No Dispatching. No Day-by-Day Operations.
What You’ll Learn
  • How to find your first truck and what to look out for.
  • Learn how we are able to bring in $1,000+ per week (per truck)
  • How to find and hire your first driver
  • Signing up with third party logistic companies to keep your driver busy and start earning your passive income.
  • Financial breakdown of the whole operation (revenue, expenses, profits, and losses)
  • Resources: Everything you need to get started. From ad templates to insurance, warranty, financing and more!
  • A cash flow breakdown of how to succeed in the trucking business the Hoodestates way
  • And more!!!!
Trucking Masterclass 2.0
What you’re about to see in this video course is a step-by-step walk through of the Trucking Masterclass Course, where you can actually see Hoodestates going through the process.
It’s exactly like the Masterclass but with more details, more resources, visuals and EXTRAS. So get ready for it! You’re going to see screen recordings of Ads being placed, recorded phone interview the driver and on site walk-through at dealership.
This visual of the Masterclass is more exciting, guess why? Because some people like to learn visually and this is the perfect course for visual learners.
Once you enroll, you have immediate, UNLIMITED access to both courses. You can watch as many times as you need.