Jay Sankey – A-List Secrets

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Jay Sankey - A-List Secrets

Jay Sankey – A-List Secrets

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Beyond the moves, beyond the gimmicks, beyond the patter, there exists a handful of fundamental truths about the performance and creation of magic. After performing for more than a quarter of a century and creating hundreds of innovative magic routines, Jay Sankey has written a book exploring these same truths.

This thought-provoking collection of short pieces ranges from the technical and psychological to the philosophical and sociological, while also staying rooted in the heartfelt and practical. After reading just a handful of the passages, you will see the craft of magic in a whole new light.

Learn from one of the most creative magicians on the planet and BECOME A BETTER MAGICIAN TODAY!

What You Get

Learn how to…
  • Practice more effectively
  • Connect with your audience
  • Invite wonder
  • Nurture your creativity
  • Add humor to your magic
  • Create “Key Images”
  • Market your unique talents
  • Write powerful scripts
  • Transition between effects
  • Perform new material
  • Choose spectators
  • Avoid “Over Proving”
  • Manage multiple climaxes
  • Orchestrate your magic
  • Simplify your magic
  • Inspire belief
  • And much, much more!

Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer. 182 pages.