Jennifer L. Abel – 9 Best Strategies to Treat Panic Attacks in 90 Minutes

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Jennifer L. Abel - 9 Best Strategies to Treat Panic Attacks in 90 Minutes

Jennifer L. Abel – 9 Best Strategies to Treat Panic Attacks in 90 Minutes

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  • Learn the latest exposure strategies: interoceptive exposure, flooding the worries, and use of the internet and technology.
  • Use mindfulness to treat full-blown panic attacks and to improve exposure therapy.
  • Play detective to help clients catch the insidious symptoms of panic early and use diaphragmatic breathing and other strategies to prevent it from getting out of control.

If your client is suffering from sudden surges of intense anxiety and the accompanying physical symptoms of panic attacks, this workshop will teach you how to use the latest exposure therapies and help your clients’ attacks from spiraling out of control. Join international speaker, author and anxiety expert Jennifer Abel Ph.D, for this special workshop to effectively treat panic:

  • Discover how to help your client overcome avoidance and escape behaviors which negatively reinforce their fears.
  • Learn the most effective treatment strategies include live exposures (in vivo exposure), imaginal exposure, interoceptive exposure, and the use of technology in exposure (e.g. YouTube, APPS)
  • Learn mindful acceptance tailored to treat panic
  • Learn about the new DSM-5® panic attack specifier
  • Utilize the panic attack specifier, new in DSM-5®.
  • Examine the role of negative reinforcement in treating panic and stop it.
  • Use the latest exposure therapies: interoceptive exposure; repeating and singing feared words; best use of YouTube, Images and APPS in exposure therapy.
  • Apply mindful acceptance to treating panic and improve the effectiveness of exposures.
  • Experiment in helping clients catch their panic spirals early to prevent them from getting out of control.


Panic Attacks: Prevent the Spiral

  • DSM-5® panic attack specifier
  • Panic attack assessment tool
  • Panic attack monitoring
  • Diaphragmatic breathing

Negative Reinforcement of Panic

  • Assess for negative reinforcement
  • Avoidance and escape behaviors
  • Strategies to decrease and stop negative reinforcement

Exposure Therapies

  • Interoceptive Exposure
  • Flooding the real fear
  • In Vivo and imaginal exposure
  • YouTube, images, and apps

Mindful Acceptance of Panic

  • Improve exposure therapy with mindfulness
  • Process words and metaphors to improve effectiveness