Joey Yap – Life Potential Reading

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Joey Yap – Life Potential Reading

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Joey Yap – Life Potential Reading

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Unravel the immense study of BaZi and improve your life tremendously by maximizing youth strengths and unlocking your hidden capability. This course will show you methods to perfect your personal accomplishments and gain insights into a life of success and happiness.

Life Potential Reading is a program for beginners and is all about BaZi. It is for those who are interested in decoding their Destiny Code. It allows you to look into the vast subject of BaZi, narrowing it down to the aspects of life that you want to improve.

What you will learn from Joey Yap’s Life Potential Reading:

  • How to interpreted or reveal the character and personalities of others and understand yourself better.
  • In what aspects of life can BaZi be used and decoded
  • The deeper meaning and understanding of the Luck cycles and how to read and make the best out of the noblemen in a BaZi Chart
  • How to improve your life for the better whilst understanding steps you can take to achieve it

Course Curriculum

First Section

  • Lesson 1 (37:12)

Second Section

  • Lesson 2 (30:47)

Third Section

  • Lesson 3 (26:41)

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