Julie Renee – Beautiful from Inside Out

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Julie Renee – Beautiful from Inside Out

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Julie Renee – Beautiful from Inside Out

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8-Week Weight Loss & Youthing Program

Weight Loss Fast with Quantum Activations

If you’re thinking about being truly beautiful from the inside out and are ready to have a rocking body by summer now is the perfect time to join in with quantum activations Beautiful From The Inside Out weight-loss eight week program

Beautiful From The Inside Out is a proven program and we are so excited ~ for the first time ever to offer weight loss along with the ‘youthing’ program. If you have thought of having a facelift or wanted total body rejuvenation, tightening and toning during rapid weight-loss this program gives you the natural meditation method for accomplishing your goals in just 60 days.

If you like the idea of having a natural advantage and you’ve not yet succeeded with your weight loss goals (having tried other weight-loss programs with little to no results) ~ you’re probably missing a few important elements for weight loss success. Removing the DNA programs around overproduction of fat, and clearing soul contracts and curses, as well as emotions and past life issues, make all the difference in accomplishing your heart’s desire and owning the body you’ve always imagined!

All of these items and many more will be addressed in your Beautiful From The Inside Out Weight loss Journey! Imagine your body returning to its happy fit self! This is a World Premier program and the first time ever offered from Julie Renee.

Imagine Your Body Returning to Its Happy Fit Self!

A gorgeous element of this program is that your self-esteem goes through the roof! While doing these incredible meditations you feel great about yourself ~ happy with how you look ~ and you fall in love with your very being.

In the program we don’t teach you how to eat and we don’t teach you exercise – these are things you can get from other programs. It’s perfect timing while going through the quantum activations. Our meditations and activations focus your 100% success patterns on sustainable weight loss. You mold and model the body that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Can you imagine being the way you’ve always wanted to be? Can you imagine fitting into the pretty little black dress or those slim jeans you used to enjoy wearing? Now is the time to hop on board and get the support for weight loss that you have never in your life experienced.

A gorgeous element of this program is that your self-esteem goes through the roof! While doing these incredible meditations you feel great about yourself ~ happy with how you look ~ and you fall in love with your very being.

In the program we don’t teach you how to eat and we don’t teach you exercise – these are things you can get from other programs. It’s perfect timing while going through the quantum activations. Our meditations and activations focus your 100% success patterns on sustainable weight loss. You mold and model the body that you’ve always dreamed of having.

Can you imagine being the way you’ve always wanted to be? Can you imagine fitting into the pretty little black dress or those slim jeans you used to enjoy wearing? Now is the time to hop on board and get the support for weight loss that you have never in your life experienced.

Here’s What’s Included

Part One – During the 8 weeks of classes we will activate your metabolism, enhance your master hormonal gland regulators, permanently clear away DNS over weight and imbalanced fat production issues, along with clearing spiritual parasites, and break the obsessive eating and dietary inconsistencies.

While you are going through this incredible quantum activations weight loss program you will be using the meditation series to grow younger.

Part Two – This section aspect of the program includes three distinct beauty meditation sequences. Each of these programs takes 60 days to complete.

Here’s what we are up to in your 8 weekly training sessions:

Week 1 – Right permission and ability to lose, (gain) weight, to live in the body you imagine to be your ideal body and enjoy with ease and grace your beautiful life living in and owning your beautiful dream body

Week 2 – Metabolism – Reboot Liver and Thyroid (clearing and regeneration of both) we’ve moved the liver flush instruction up early in the class as many folks find this a very helpful weight loss accelerator.

Week 3 – Releasing and removing compulsions and addictions especially around diet, nutrition and loving to eat healthy well-balanced meals as well as the right permission and ability to enjoy exercise!

Week 4 – Master Hormone glands – Balancing and improving we’ll be doing a regeneration of the adrenals, pancreas and ovaries. Even if you’ve had a hysterectomy, the ovaries in the blueprint play an important role in maintaining healthy weight.

Week 5 – Fat Ratio Correction. Often this setting or what we refer to as a set point goes up as an individual ages, the resetting of BMI back to a youthful vibrant healthy body will be accomplished in this session!

Week 6 – Fine-tuning trouble areas. This week we work with our group specifically on needs that have not yet been address specific to the requests of our students.

Week 7 – Digestion ease clearing and regenerating the digestion with the focus on health assimilation and health absorption of nutrients as well as an easeful release of excess fats and ease in ridding toxin from the body.

Week 8 – Owning your body – clearing blocks for safety and joy in an attractive body. Sometimes we hold back from being beautiful, and trim because there is a fear of being unsafe or we won’t be able to handle the attention. We clear this so you’re comfortable in your own skin easily and naturally, not prone to attracting problem energies associated with being beautiful.

Daily Youthing Meditation Program Beautiful From the Inside Out Full Rejuvenation

Available immediately following the training as a replay, video audio and class slides and transcript

Prep and Clear

Sundays or your start day and first day of each week. This is the most powerful and complete tune-up I have ever created in a meditation. You’ll see why when you start actively using this incredible one-hour preparation and vitality restoring process. You’ll go through many of the vital areas in your body clearing and restoring function and ease along with getting your chakras and organs to communicate once more with each other! (this meditation has been used to save lives!)


    • Learn to work and harness the power of regeneration for yourself with your Female Miracle Energy
    • Tune Up your adrenals
    • Sparkle and clear center of head and aura
    • Earth and Cosmic energy clearing
    • Engage and activate your 7 chakras connecting them to each other in renewed functionality and clear communication
    • Empower and energize glands and aura with a chakra reconnection
    • Revitalize your joy body and certainty that growing younger is possible for you
  • Fall deeply and completely in love with you!

Forehead and Eyes

Beginner and Advanced meditations done on Mondays. Soften and eliminate forehead and brow lines as you relax into a serene mindset and body vibration. Improve your eyesight and freshen your look with a more relaxed tone to the upper regions of the face and around your eyes.

Beginner Meditation Features:

    • Ground and clear, refresh the channels of the body and release and let go of tension and strife
    • Rose Purification technique directed at release tension and dark energies around the eyes and forehead
    • Stem cell activation for beauty and improved vision
  • Golden Sun activation, brighten the body and restoring spirit to body

Advanced Meditation Features:

    • Golden temple of silence (center of head, seat of spirit ) clearing and restoration
    • Stem cell activation improving the region and activating healthy jaw line and jaw joint as well
    • DNA Re-patterning removing degeneration programs
    • Golden pulse revitalizing and sealing up the activation in DNA
    • Restoring your five senses to full use
  • Body validation process

Legs and Thighs

Activate self-love as you release the past and focus your living attention on your hips and thighs. Through guided imagery you see the upper legs, lower legs and thighs as the shape and size as well as the strength you desire.

Beginner Meditation Features:

    • Self Love activation with a deep knowing all is blessed and in Divine order
    • Clearing stress from life, releasing stress support, releasing excess inches
    • Cobalt Blue Corona burns off programing from others
    • Earth Energy activation in body, clearing and renewing
    • Tightening the grid and syncing in process
  • Lymphatic and circulatory tune up

Advanced Meditation Features:

    • Activate your core with a powerful mudra
    • Nervous system clearing, releasing stress, and held energy in the nerves completely out of the body
    • God energy flooding through the body
    • Remove cellulite program from DNA
  • Activate cell to cell communication

Cheeks and Mouth

Lift your cheeks, smooth and fill your lips as you visualize your youthful radiance using meditation and stem cell DNA activations to reset the body. In this space of meditation you are in your sacred holy place, you relax deeply and allow the shifts in the quantum pleasure field to rapidly be embody and enjoyed by you!

Beginner Meditation Features:

    • Deep clear out of the face removing energy of others
    • Removal of grey fog from the face and aura around head
    • Healthy Skin activation with cobalt blue deprogram process
    • Golden sun activations in the skin
  • Pink and gold collagen activation

Advanced Meditation Features:

    • Healthy Adrenal release of stress and fight or flight energies causing drooping skin
    • Aura tightening, 18-inch pulled in and cleaned out so it is crystal clear
    • Imagery reset with netting technique of cheeks and mouth
    • Fine tuning mouth and gums health
    • Stem cell Lip activation
    • DNA activation for youthful lips and mouth as well as removal of patterns for trauma
  • Profound inner validation amplified with golden suns

Hair and Eyes

A favorite for just about everyone. Having your hair and eyes youthful and vibrant can go along way in manifestation of a youthful appearance. Having your vision up to par is also a wonderful bonus to these two powerful and effective meditations

Beginner Meditation Features:

    • Heart energy expansion and healing of cells
    • Miracle energy saturation into face, eyes, forehead, neck and scalp
    • Rose of protection sets up to shield you from negativity
    • Rose clear out process
    • Clear out of eyeballs removing degeneration and dark energy
    • Timeline clearing for reduced or poor vision
    • Stem cell activation to improve dermis and healthy youthful fat and collagen in skin
  • Eyelash activation for thicker longer eyelashes, brows and hair growth returning to natural color

Advanced Meditation Features:

    • Breathe deeply and move out of survival space and into that space of regeneration
    • Eighth Chakra and creative rings activation
    • Restore the Human Spirit Access Portal so your spirit can once again easily access your body
    • Cobalt Blue deprogram energy for eye clearing
    • Golden ribbon activation of scalp and hair follicles
  • Chakra healing for renewed energy and fuel returning you to a beautiful youthful state

Waist and Hips

Attention to regaining your slim waist as you lift and tone your hips and buttock. Magical and transformative. Loving gentle directions helping you integrate in your foundation of youthful beauty in your quantum mind and essence. Restoring self love and self affinity while going through the youthing process

Beginner Meditation Features:

    • Release disappointment and upset, aches and anxiety so you can embody a new more vibrant youthful version of self.
    • Release your responsibility for everyone else, the over active healing projects for others. Find your center to give to yourself first and foremost.
    • Reestablishing aura all the way around you.
  • Light of cell activation energizing and fueling metabolism and energy.

Advanced Meditation Features:

    • Releasing stored history from Hips
    • Returning a sense of youthfulness
    • Third chakra activation.
    • Thorough cord clearing.
    • Aura activation behind your fanny.
    • DNA Transformation pooch belly no waistline stocky and the works related waist and hips.
  • DNA reset Beautiful, healthy self, tone, good muscle tone, nice strong hip bones, pelvic bones, beautiful slender waist, and abdominal muscles.

Neck, Breasts and Arms

Metaphysically breasts are associated with self-nurturing and self-love. Tired, droopy breast are often associated with giving too much. The arms represent our ability to grasp and receive. They are our creative channels. If you’re losing headway in having vital, beautiful arms and you want to transform that, it may be time to get back into your creative body. These amazing meditations get you actively creating your beauty and tone!

Beginner Meditation Features:

    • Breath of divine love releasing disappointment breathing in joy
    • Give away your grounding cord and create one just for you
    • Miracle energy activation into the skin on the upper chest and into those beautiful perky, tone, tight breasts.
    • Deprogram process: blue corona on your aura burn off all saggy, droopy programs.
    • Owning your breasts after nursing babies, aging or weight loss and restoring vitality to the cells
  • Stem cell activation for neck breasts and arms

Advanced Meditation Features:

    • Resetting emotions from over giving to appropriate loving and giving.
    • Master cell reset along with DNA activation for loss of elasticity in the skin, neck and arms, for loss of fat in the hands, for alterations in the breast area.
    • Remove recurring pattern of giving up on you wired into the DNA including thin skin, martyring, letting people hang on you.
    • Reset for improved tone, healthy appearance, enough collagen in the neck to have tight, healthy skin.
  • Restoring vibrancy in your colors ~ your own colors – your natural colors, primary colors, beautiful, vibrant colors.

Supporting Meditations

Beautiful From the Inside Out Journal – Features affirmations on every page along with guidance using charts, shopping lists, menus, recipes for the week and a healthy exercise program.

Beautiful From the Inside Out Guide Book – This 170-page guide includes transcriptions of the audio programs and details of each step in the program.

Balance Your Life Now book, video and action, balance and wheel charts


Happy Hormones

Restore your endocrine system to its happy, natural state with this highly effective guided meditation. Become better informed through several key lessons on how the body and glands function. When used frequently, this meditation will help tune up your endocrine system and deepen your connection to spirit, to rest your hormones and make sure they are back in balance and in their natural state of joy!


    • Tune-up for Love, Rejuvenation and Energy!
    • Rejuvenate and Reverse Ageing
    • Reduce stress and experience tranquility amongst the chaos of life
    • Access greater, deeper Sleep
    • Stimulate your Immune health and your Love-Making Capabilities
  • Release the Toxic Build-up of out-of-balance hormones

The Happy Hormones Meditation is excellent for rebalancing your hormones, at all ages. You will learn to clear foreign energy from the endocrine system glands and return them to full function.

Overcoming the Stress Syndrome

Learn stress relief techniques, heal adrenals and activate energy upgrades with powerful rejuvenating meditation to increase your energy.


    • Diamond energy healing: from the reptilian brain, twin adrenals and first chakra restoring vitality and energy
    • Natural energy booster and want to significantly increase energy levels
  • Adrenal health restoration techniques

Provides a way to relieve the stress and connect you deeper into the infinite possibility that awaits your awareness and activation.

Waist Management

One of the big problems in permanently changing your waist size is your DNA patterning. In this powerful and easy meditation we remove DNA patterns for oversized waist, fat and inability to lose weight and reset you at the size you have imagined yourself to be.

Use this innovative and effective meditation routinely while slimming down, and enjoy the benefits of working with your body rather than struggling against it.


    • DNA Removal Close-line Technique
    • Sealing Up Shifts With Golden Pulse
    • Master Cell DNA Mirroring ~ Cascade of Newly Programmed DNA
  • Center of Head Resetting Inner Waistline Image

If you’ve been exercising your abs with little to show for it, perhaps it is not your fault. DNA programs take charge when it comes to weight loss and are a necessary shift to produce permanent and lasting results. This waist management meditation is a game changer for the ‘slim in mind’ to reach the goal of ‘trim in body.’

Quantum Weight Loss

Experience the science behind weight loss as you tune up the four key players in losing weight. Understand your glands and organs of the body in this efficient, fun and fast moving tune up that is sure to make the difference when you next step on the scales.


    • Grounded and Good To GO!
    • Quantum Activations: Thyroid, Liver, Adrenals and Pineal Gland
  • Chemistry Tune Up – Better Chemistry, Less Toxins Better Results

Achieve incredible fine-tuning of the glands and organs most related to an improved chemistry weight loss scenario in this 5-minute meditation. If you can’t seem to get the scales to shift with your current efforts, maybe you need a Quantum shift! Use this 5-minute meditation regularly in your daily life and watch the weight melt away.

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