Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

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Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

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Julie Renee - Quantum Success Activations

Julie Renee – Quantum Success Activations

Price: $197

Getting clear of blockages in your business and becoming magnetic to your true nature are the natural wins that come from doing this program!

In the Quantum Success Activations Program, we will progress you through a series of energetic shifts that will cause your inner game to shift – big time!

  • Your right vocation is becomes an easy next step as you become clear and focused
  • You are able to stop the overworking, over-striving and have your efforts make maximum impact
  • You shut down the inner struggle, stop fighting against yourself and get in sync with your mission

If you want to learn how to use the quantum field to clear all the blocks to your success and full self expression, and develop a spiritual tool for clearing you will use the rest of your life.


  1. Broad and narrowband telepathy ~ Being really understood by one person or the entire audience very well
  2. Virtual & Technology – clearing for easier flow with sending newsletters getting emails, teleconferences and managing your own technology system
  3. Owning your mission, getting ready of the ‘shoulds’ and getting on with YOU and YOUR VISION
  4. Fulfillment getting things complete and out in the world.
  5. Celebrity, Fame and fan blocks. This is super helpful when you are looking to build your list.
  6. Owning and living in your body and life you’ll find it easier to move your body, workout and be on a meal plan that works without effort.
  7. Feeling fully supported, whether with staffing help or the right teacher ~ mentors in your life fully supported your happiness and full self expression go through the roof.

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