Justin Brooke – Bulletproof Landing Pages

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Justin Brooke – Bulletproof Landing Pages

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Justin Brooke - Bulletproof Landing Pages

Justin Brooke – Bulletproof Landing Pages

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Inside You’ll Learn Strategies Like…

  • What is a landing page and why do you need them? Yeah… I know the “pro’s” are reading this and thinking “this is a beginners course” and you’re right for this video. We want to make sure everyone taking this course is on the same page before moving into the more advanced strategies. In this video I address the many popular terms and phrases for “landing pages.” 

  • Landing Page recon are the exact steps I take to find out what’s already working in the niche I’m creating the landing page for. I also show how to identify what I should and shouldn’t add to the page I’m creating.

  • Landing Page Examples – what would a landing course be if it didn’t have examples of current popular and TESTED high converting landing pages. This video breaks down landing pages for books, webinars, advertorials, and more… 

  • Creating landing pages other marketers will steal – you read that right. In this lesson I talk about the “must have” elements as well as proven copywriting frameworks designed to persuade your site visitors so that you can build “swipeworthy” landing pages on your own

  • 7 Rules the “Pro’s” Live By – this video literally goes through the checklist I follow and have taught my team to follow for every landing page we create. You’ll want this to pass on to your team too

  • And because I know that not every marketer will knock it out of the park with the first landing pages they start to test, I’ve layed out our optimization framework for how we optimize our landing pages. Specifically how we decide what we’ll test and when… so you can squeeze every drop of ROI out of your landing page

  • I know this is a landing page course – but in the last video I share my “post landing page” (aka thank you page) conversion strategies so that you continue to convert those new visitors into sales.

Plus, you’ll unlock these bonuses…

  • BONUS #1 – THE KEYS TO TRACKING: Money In & Money Out is an inefficient way to track your paid ad ROI. In Tracking 101, you’ll learn the exact steps to put in place to track down which ad is getting you the best customers.

    There’s a pixel for everything these days. In this course we’ll show you how to properly setup Google Tag Manager so that you have all your pixels neatly organized and displaying on the correct pages.

  • BONUS #2 – NAIL THEIR HOT BUTTONS: Ever wondered what you should say in your ads? We’ll show you how to know exactly what to say. With the Market Research Blueprint, you’ll be able to know what your market is thinking, and take the words right out of their mouths.

    The trick to great marketing is just saying the right thing, at the right time, to the right person. It’s that simple and that hard. We’ll show you how to make this easy. We give you an exercise that helps you know the right thing, the right time, and the right person.

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