Katie Pickett – The Postpartum Cure MINI Plan

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Katie Pickett - The Postpartum Cure MINI Plan

Katie Pickett – The Postpartum Cure MINI Plan

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The Postpartum Cure MINI Plan

The Postpartum Cure MINI : Simple breastfeeding eating guide to lose the weight

The Postpartum Cure MINI is the bones of The Postpartum Cure plan. It is an downloadable Ebook, which you can read through. The plan is very simple, easy to navigate, yet filled with lots of valuable information to walk you through exactly how to eat while breastfeeding.
The plan focuses on two main components of every meal and snack, and this is going to be the main focus of the whole program. It is simple, yet so very effective.
Here is what’s included in the Ebook:
Eating Clean Guideline
Eating Guidelines: What to Eat!
The 20 Most Powerful Foods for Postpartum Recovery:
How The 5-Day Jump Start Works
Day 1: Baby Steps
Day 2: A Tiny Bit More
Day 3: Change it Up
Day-4: Get Your Mind RIGHT
How To Start This Program:
How to Batch Cook for Success:
The Postpartum Cure Ratio Plan:
How to manage snacks:
Breakfast tips:
How To Calculate Calories While Breastfeeding
My favorite smoothies:
My favorite salads:
My favorite dinner recipes:
Finding Your Pelvic Floor:
Correctly Holding a Baby To Protect Your Core:
Losing The Baby Weight + Getting Fit:
Diagnosing Your Ab Issues
Mommy + Baby Postpartum Routine: