Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

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Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

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Ken Tamplin - Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin – Vocal Academy

Price: $299

I Can Help YouOvercome Your Fear Of Singing, Drastically Grow Your Voice, And Become A Singer People Love Listening To

… at a ridiculously low cost

Is This You?

  • You’ve NEVER taken singing lessons before, and…
  • You’re unsure of where to start
  • You’re uneasy about the idea of starting
  • You’re worried that you won’t be able to learn

Or Maybe This?

  • You HAVE taken singing lessons before, but…
  • You’re disappointed with progress so far
  • You’re frustrated because you’ve hit a ceiling
  • You’re ready to take your singing to the next level

Local Voice Lessons Vs My Online Lessons

Local Voice LessonsKTVA Online Lessons
Quality of InformationMediocre – Good (Depending on coach)Proven, World-class instruction
Time With Coach1-2 hours a week, during lessons24/7 access to my instructional videos
Access to Live Feedback1-2 hours a week, during lessons24/7 access via KTVA singers forum
If You Have a QuestionWait until next lessonAsk immediately on singer’s forum
Interaction with Other SingersLimitedInteract with 12,000+ singers in the forum
AccessibilityDrive or fly to lessonsAccessible from anywhere with internet
Likelihood of Significant GrowthSmall – Decent (Depending on coach)Very high (as long as you practice)
Likelihood of Vocal InjuryMediumVery low (as long as you follow Ken’s instructions)
When You’ll Hit a ‘ceiling’ in Your Growth6-18 months20+ years

In Other Words You Get…

  • More information
  • More quality
  • More “time” with me, your coach
  • More feedback on your singing
  • More support from other real singers
  • More results

…for far less money than what your typical singing lessons cost.

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