Lindsay Padilla – Build a Better Beta

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Lindsay Padilla – Build a Better Beta

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Lindsay Padilla – Build a Better Beta

Lindsay Padilla – Build a Better Beta

Price: $997

Because we all know…

Successful courses aren’t born out of PowerPoints, they’re born out of co-creation.

If you’re thinking “Ok, this sounds legit — BUT, HOW?!” I’ve got you.

is a no-fluff course that walks you through the process of  creating, planning, enrolling, teaching, and improving your first course…


  • It’s the course creation course taught by a teacher, for a teacher.
    (Because, TBH, the marketers got nothing on us teachers!)
  • Build a Better Beta​is your guide to creating a course without tons of stress, hours of exhausting pre-work, or losing money.
  • Build a Better Beta will teach you how to sell your course before it’s created and show up and teach in a way that allows you to serve your community, create a classroom, and thrive as a teacher.

What will you learn?

Module 1

The Build a Better Beta Mindset

  • ​Steer clear of mistakes while building your MAC
  • Write the storybook endings for your students
  • ​Learn the process to create engaging content

Module 2

Blueprint for Your Course

  • ​Identify what students are feeling in your course
  • ​Learn the metrics to assess success in your MA
  • ​Develop your course topics and schedule

Module 3

Enroll Your Students

  • ​Set up a process to collect your payments
  • ​Determine the right price for your MAC
  • ​Learn strategies to attract students
  • ​Develop the benefit statements of your course so you can sell out your MAC

Module 4

Teach the Content

  • ​Establish boundaries and expectations
  • ​How to set up and use the tech while you’re teaching
  • ​Learn what to do on your first day (which sets the tone!)
  • ​Know when and how to collect feedback

Module 5

Analyze the Experience

  • ​Recognize and handle common questions
  • ​Create testimonials using your classroom data
  • ​Use feedback loops to update your content

Module 6

After the Beta

  • ​How to use our proven tune up process to improve your course
  • ​How to move your course to an LMS
  • ​How to transition from MAC to evergreen and still take care of your students
  • What does Build a Better Beta include, exactly? No-fluff COURSE with 6 modules ($3997 value): ​Short and actionable videos, audios, summaries, templates, scripts, and workbooks. Available AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP. I’m giving you all the goods so you can show up and teach!
  • Weekly Coaching Calls ($1997 value): Get your questions answered LIVE (and get the support you need) to actually launch. These calls are meant to get you unstuck!
  • A COMMUNITY of committed teachers + our TAs, AKA course creation pros ($1997 value): Private FB group, because learning happens in community. FULL STOP. We have community manager (we like to say TA around here) to make sure not a single question goes unanswered. We’ll host group challenges, hot seats, and accountability so you get the results you want.
  • Student Orientation ($997 value): We’ll meet you and your fellow classmates on Zoom to answer ALLLL your questions, review the course material, and set your launch date. No teacher left behind (sorry for the lame teacher joke. In the US, that policy was not fun. anyhoo….)
  • Monthly Audience Building Call ($497 value): Discuss what’s working and get ideas for improving your social media reach! Chat with fellow students with the same goals and set intentions for moving forward.
  • Sprint Launch Hot Seat Call with ME ($997 value): This is actually a call you have to earn ? If you complete the appropriate modules, you get access to a special call with ME, the rebel professor. I’ll help you get launching faster than you can say BETA.

And this wouldn’t be an EPIC course without some EPIC bonuses!

Bonus #1: 7-day SPRINT Launch Checklist ($297 value)

This is your step-by-step guide for getting your first paying student within 7 days of buying this course. The goal = make back your investment in a week. We’ve have multiple students launch successfully using this process. This amazing bonus even includes a trello board and/or asana template so you can rinse and repeat every launch with a VA!

Bonus #2: From 0 to 100 to 1000 ($297 value)

Teachers like us know that we are TRUE experts, but maybe we don’t have the online authority yet! This bonus changes everything. You’ll learn how to create a social media content machine AND how to start an email list from scratch (or add more folks if you have some already) without wasting time or spending money on ads! It’s time to Market Like a TEACHER!

Bonus #3: The Tech Vault ($997 value)

This is the bonus that answers all your tech fears. We share all the applications you need to run your Beta Course; their best uses; and how to implement fast. It’s is very thorough and covers such applications as Zoom, Paypal, Grytics, Clickfunnels, Thinkific, Membervault and Active Campaign (and many more will be added in the future).

Bonus #4: Masterclass Mania ($1997 value)

What if you had access to go-to experts in the Digital Marketing industry at your fingertips?  I got some of my favorite leaders to host live trainings with all BBB students! We are having new experts come share their know-how regularly. Here are some of the masterclasses we have now:

  • Creating your Online Community in Facebook with Joanna Novelo
  • Conversational Selling with Amanda Bond
  • Up-leveling your Worksheets and Course Assets with Seema Bharwani
  • Creating Killer Slides that Don’t Bore your Students with Echo Rivera
  • Growing a HUGE Faceboook Audience with Rachel Miller
  • Using Facebook Ads to Sell More Courses with Emily Hirsh
  • Gamifying your Course to Increase Completion with Dave Eng

But WAIT, there’s more!

If you pay in full, you’ll receive 2 very special bonuses…


Voxer access to ME ($1497 value)

One of my favorite apps is Voxer. For those of you who don’t know what it is…it’s basically a walkie talkie (don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to use it). I know what you’re thinking: this bonus is HUGE! It’s true…it is ? Basically, you have me in your back pocket for any and all things: motivation, hacks, workarounds, gifs, etc. Access lasts for 90 days, responses are within 48 hours or less.


Tech 911 Hotline ($997 value)

Even though I teach the most tech-free launches ever, you KNOW that problems will arise. Don’t you fret! With this bonus, you’ll have access to our hotline! Email us with the problem and we’ll give you a tech solution in 48 hours or less. (Think tech VA, but FREE!) Solutions may be walkthroughs, videos, or even calls! You are limited to three “911” tickets in 90 days.

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