LR Lounge – Photography Pricing and Product Design – Photog

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LR Lounge - Photography Pricing and Product Design - Photog

LR Lounge – Photography Pricing and Product Design – Photog

Price: $99

Photography Pricing And Product Design | Photography Business 201

Create Products And Experiences Designed To Sell

  • Learn How To Create Profitable Packages
  • Utilize Our Pricing Calculator
  • Master Pricing Psychology
  • Perfect Your Product (The Client Experience)
  • Runtime: 8 Hours 21 Minutes

Important Note: This Is Course 2 Of 4

We recommend our students purchase the entire training system, as each course builds upon the last.  However, we listed it for sale individually for those who are only looking for guidance in one particular area and don’t mind references to topics covered in previous courses.

Don’t Leave Profit On The Table

Use our system to help you create the perfect pricing and packages that your target audience will buy.

Calculate your profitability with our pricing calculators and  understand your numbers.


Learn Cost, Demand, And Luxury Pricing

We take you back to basic economics to help you understand supply, demand and elasticity.

Professional photography is a Luxury, and we need to craft the client experience and pricing with that in mind.

Understand Pricing & Package Psychology

Learn how to create your packages to maximize profit using price anchors, the psychology of numbers, the “Good, Better, Best” method and more.

Your Product Is The Entire Client Experience

Your product is much more than your photos.  It’s the entire client experience, starting from the website visit and concluding far after image delivery.  We help you create the perfect client experience.

Landing Page Rules

Learn the rules you should follow to create landing pages that convert viewers into leads and leads into clients.

Logos & Branding

Understand the basics of web design, cohesiveness and what your logos, colors, fonts, and other elements say about you.


Understand the importance of blogging in both initial impressions and client satisfaction.

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Photography Pricing And Product Design | Photography Business 201.  Purchasing this course does NOT grant access to the full training system.  For the full training system, please click here.