Mark Joyner – Simpleology 102 The Simple Science of Money

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Mark Joyner – Simpleology 102 The Simple Science of Money

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Mark Joyner - Simpleology 102 The Simple Science of Money

Mark Joyner – Simpleology 102 The Simple Science of Money

Price: $97

Mark Joyner
San Francisco
Thursday 1:27am

Dear Fellow Simpleology Member,

Possibly my biggest flaw is that I tend to over-do things a little.

For example, last year I set out to run *barefoot* for 10 K’s through the streets of Manhattan with a friend of mine (for charity) and I ended up running a half-marathon (we landed in New Jersey at the end).

Today I’m over-doing things again and this time you’re on the receiving end.

I’m putting together a giant surprise for you.  The catch is, it’s not gratis, but you will get about 10 bucks in retail value for every dollar it costs.

But you must act now … this deal is only for people who know how to take action and make things happen right now. This is a one-time opportunity to get unlimited access to every Simpleology course ever created for less than many of these courses sell for individually.

So what exactly do you get…

EVERY single Simpleology course we’ve ever created (that’s over $6500 in value!).

Here’s what you’ll get in this massive package:

Simpleology 102 – The Simple Science of Money

Sells for: $97

Say Goodbye to Your Money
Worries – Forever …

Simpleology 102 Makes Your Mastery of Money Just as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

We have broken down the scientific laws of money into simple, easily-digestible chunks that make learning fun and easy. We use cutting edge learning psychology that will permanently etch these tools and ideas into your mind and transform the way you think about money forever.

Here is a sampling of what you’ll learn …

1. The Grand Law of Wealth
There is one simple law about wealth building that, once fully understood, will allow you to begin amassing wealth immediately.

2. The 5 Laws of Money
Just as there are 5 basic laws of Simpleology, we have discovered 5 laws that govern money as well. Those who make millions and billions understand and live by these laws. Those who break them are doomed to mediocrity or debt.

3. A True Understanding of Money, Marketing, Business, and More…
They didn’t teach you this in school. And much of what you have been taught is either unnecessary or just plain wrong.

4. The Final Step: A Minor Adjustment to Your 15-Minute-a-Day Daily Target Praxis

Simpleology 102 is a natural and easy next step from Simpleology 101.

Unlike most courses where you’re left to fill in the blanks for yourself, we put you right on track to success where it counts: your day-to-day activities.

Simpleology 103 – The Simple Science of Personal Energy

Sells for: $97

Simple Drug-Free “Body Hacks” that
Unleash Your Natural Vitality

Here’s what you’ll learn in Simpleology 103: The Simple Science of Personal Energy…

Simple “body hacks” you can perform right now that will send your energy through the roof.
The scientifically proven keys to naturally shred body fat without fad diets or drugs.
The one type of food you absolutely must eat to bring a healthy glow to your hair and skin – it won’t matter how many creams and potions you use if you don’t eat this.
What 87% of all Americans do every night – unwittingly robbing your energy and rapidly speeding up the aging process.
The “10 Deadly Sources of Distress” practiced daily by almost everyone on the planet – but once easily removed, will open up the flood gates for fat loss, pain relief, a youthful appearance, and boundless energy.
How to uncover the youthful energy that is hiding in your body right now.  (It’s there right now waiting for you …)
Why the health “magic pill and gadget” industry actually want you to be sick (hint: it’s making them a fortune).
Why the most powerful things you can do to restore your healthy glow and teenage vigor are FREE and how your miracle-cure-in-a-bottle is just making things worse.
Dangerous myths about water. (Hint: you’ll never have to shell out another penny for a sports drink or energy drink again when you know this)
No pills, faddish gimmicks, hokey space age junk, or “positive thinking” required.  Just scientifically verifiable fact.

These are scientifically verified methods that …

You can quickly observe for yourself from Day 1.
Are compatible with any diet or exercise program you choose.
Won’t require you to vary your routine.
Do not require “faith” or wishful thinking – you’ll just feel the energy buzzing through you. You won’t be able to turn it off!

“Hello, since I have begun the Simpleology program I have increased my earnings 3 times, purchased a brand new car and home. All of these results came from my increased level of self-control and concentration. Working on my targets made it impossible for me to fail. It’s a total wake up call for anyone who is putting in too many hours a week… and still needing more time. I can’t thank Mark enough!! I never thought I could find my way out of the maze. Thanks for the map!”

– Kathy Baka,

Simpleology 201 – The Simple Science of Leverage

Sells for: $97

How to Quickly, Easily & Affordably
Create More Hours In Every Single Day

The fact is that time is your most previous resource. And, more importantly, once an hour of your day is gone, it’s gone forever – you can never get it back again.
Simpleology 101 teaches you how to get more done in the time you have available. But what if there was a way you could actually create more hours in a day?

What if you could get 16 or 32 hours of work done for every 8 hours you put in?

Even better — what if you could get 40 hours of work done for every 4 hours you put in?

That’s exactly what Simpleology 201 will teach you how to do — Leverage!

Once you apply the lessons of Simpleology 201 to your life, you’ll have all the money you want and all the time need to enjoy it too!

Here’s what you’ll discover in Simpleology 201: The Simple Science of Leverage …

The 2 shades of leverage which can multiply your available power which means you can achieve much more with less effort.
5 Laws of Leverage and how to apply them for maximum results.
8 little known secrets of true leverage and how to use them.
How to avoid the 4 areas which cause leverage to fail.
Exactly why true leverage MUST be based on mutually favorable and clear transparent exchanges

When effort is applied at the right point, using the right tools, amazingly powerful feats are easily achieved.

How does a 10 lb. tire-jack lift up a 2000 lb. car? Leverage.

How did the ancient Egyptians build the Pyramids? Leverage.

AND… How are you going to achieve all your goals in 2010 and have enough time, energy and money to enjoy life too? With Simpleology 201: The Simple Science of Leverage!

Dan Brazil

“Mark is an inspirational genius who has the rare gift to
condense and distill the pathway to what is really essential to
live a full and purposeful life.”

Daniel Feenstra
CEO Hotbid New Zealand Ltd

Best Seller Blueprint

Sells for: $1164

Get the Exact Paint-by-Numbers
Blueprint Mark Joyner Used
to Become a 4 Time #1
Best Selling Author

This powerful method works even if you know NOTHING about publishing This Blueprint will work for you whether you already have your book in print or have never even written one before…

How you can use my proven Bestseller Blueprint to rocket your book into Bestseller status. I’ve done it four times in a row using this same Blueprint! (This works not only on Amazon, but also on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and most other lists too!)

You’ll get everything, including:

The Simpleology Bestseller Blueprint. The same exact Blueprint proven by Mark (this brought Mark 4 Bestsellers in a row!)  This will break it down for you step-by-step and take away all the guesswork.  Paint-by-numbers is an understatement – we make it that easy and you would have to work hard to mess this up.
Instant download access to the MP3’s of the 4 recorded “marathon” Q&A sessions totaling over 20 hours… where I reveal every tip, tactic, strategy, and secret you could possibly imagine.  These are ready to be loaded to your iPod, computer, or any other portable  audio. It’s like having Mark whisper cash-generating secret after secret in your ear whenever you want.

Conversations with Best Selling Authors

Sells for: $197

‘Talk’ to nine authors who have actually DONE it…

The fastest way to get anywhere you want to go is learn from people who have done the very thing you want to do yourself.

That way, you avoid all the mistakes. You literally shortcut the learning curve. You learn the secret strategies and cut to the front of the line.

Now you can discover the secrets… the strategies… the real world stories about how these authors wrote their books and became bestsellers.

Once you devour this material, you’ll be a giant leap closer to doing it yourself.

Get the true “inside scoop” from these Bestselling Authors:  Stuart Woods, Ted Nicholas, Kevin Hogan, Judith Shervin PhD and Jim Sniechowski PhD, Cheryl Robinson, Tracy Repchuk, Harry S. Dent Jr., Frank Rumbauskas, Chris Atwood.

Now you can find out how to go from zero … to
Bestselling Author in as little as 58 Days …

(Even if you have no book, no publisher or no agent!)

“The Bestseller Blueprint is more than just a step-by-step blueprint to creating a best seller. Mark is dedicated to much larger goals in his marketing efforts, and that comes through in this course. You’ll find yourself challenged to stretch yourself and to go out and make a real difference in the world.”

– Mike Broadwell,

Word of Mouth Transformation

Sells for: $1164

Discover What Is The Single Most Powerful Force in Marketing

Embark on a full year of legal corporate espionage as you spy on the moves of a company that does $10,000 a day in sales (without lifting a marketing finger) as they are guided by Mark Joyner to the next level.

He calls it “Word of Mouth Transformation!”

Finally you’ll understand exactly why some businesses build legendary fortunes for their owners and why others are destined to fail – no matter how hard they try.

“Corporate Espionage” Style Spying

While you watch us bring “Overcome Everything, Inc.” through their Word of Mouth Transformation, you get to experience your Transformation at the same time.

Learn every WOM move they made under my guidance over the year.  Each week they made specific, simple improvements to their business that you can easily follow along with, too.
Learn their precise testing results – down to the decimal point!  Every month you get to listen in on a new “Espionage Call” where they put it all on display – for you to swipe.
You’ll follow along with the exact same guidance and training I’ve given them – word for word.
Duplicate what works in your business.  Paint-by-numbers simple.
You will be spying on a multi-million dollar business as I guide them to the next – and easier – level.   (they doubled their profits!)

Dave Mizrachi

“Within minutes he was able to deconstruct my business, pinpoint exactly where my business had ‘leaks’, and show me how to fix it.  I was stunned.”

Dave Miz, Author, Insider Internet Dating,

7 Day Business Turnaround

Sells for: $2337

Everything You Need To Know To
Engineer Your Own Turnaround
In Just 7-Days Flat.

Read this carefully. I’m going to actually give you the formula for a business turnaround.

This is one monster package. There’s never been a more comprehensive solution to the age old problem of business failures. I can guarantee you that.

The Complete 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit … Video lessons, audios, worksheets, quizzes, ad templates, and much more … Based on the time-and-again proven technology of Learning and Behavioral Psychology found in all Simpleology courses ($297)
Recorded 7 Day Coaching Calls where Mark Joyner answers the burning questions of people who have been exactly where you are right now (Priceless)
Titans of Turnaround Videos … 16 videos from battle-tested and trusted turnaround experts with easy to implement tactics. Just like they are standing right in front of you ($397)
Your Outsourcing Secret Weapon – Smokin’ hot outsourcing secrets that will save you thousands month after month! ($97)
Small Business Management Primer – All the basics of business management made easy to understand. ($67)
Four Week Live “Making it Stick” Business Training …Real world business building systems and best practices taught by Dr. Michael Hudson. ($247)
And more … It would take me pages to tell you about the other 16 valuable extras! ($1,232)

Matt Gill

“When we went and immediately applied Mark’s instructions to one division of our company. Within 8 months, this product line had done a grand total of $921,964 in additional sales – plus a recurring monthly income stream of $20,503 per month ($246,036/year). The return on investment cannot even be calculated because the effects are still being seen in new growth and ongoing profits. If you have a chance learn from Mark, jump on it – your business and your life will never be the same.”

Matt Gill, Nitro Marketing

Promoting Your Music Online

Sells for: $97

Everything You Need To Know To
“Make It” In The New Music Business.

We’ve left no stone unturned.

Armed with this course and your song, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to “make it” in the new music business.

Remember, you’ll be using the tactics of the budding music underground that the big labels are scrambling to mimic.

The good news: no matter how hard they try, the power is still in your hands.

Forget Paying High Priced University Tuition, and Forget Buying Overpriced Marketing Courses

Blogging For Fun and Profit

Not for Sale

Eleven Easy, Fun and FAST
Multimedia Lessons Revealing
How to Blog for Fun and Profit

The easiest way to generate free, targeted traffic is with a blog…

Every business faces the challenge of getting traffic. Without customers your business will not survive.

There are many ways to create traffic to a website. Not all though, are created equally.

Some will cost you money. Some are hard work. Others will not convert well.

Blogs however are usually free, can be fun to run and the search engines love them. Not only that but the traffic from a blog is targeted, and once you have built a relationship, can convert very well.

In Simpleology’s guide to blogging you will learn:

What a Blog Is and How Easy It Is To Get Started – even if you are completely new to blogging, and this is the first time you have heard of one you can relax. We show you everything.
How To Choose the Best Blog For You, and Getting It To Look Good – most options won’t cost you a single cent.
3 Easy Ways To Attract Traffic To Your Blog – This is the heart of creating free traffic. If this is all you did, you would absolutely drive customers to your site.
More Strategies For Attracting Traffic – because this is core to your success, we have included extra strategies that will surprise you in their simplicity, and their effectiveness.
6 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog – you can make money directly from your blog as well as use it as traffic magnet for your other sites. We show you how.

And Much More…

The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less

Get immediately download Mark Joyner – Simpleology 102 The Simple Science of Money

Sells for: $97

How to Sell Your Product
in 3 Seconds or Less.

Three seconds. That’s all the time you have to make the sale.

Why are these 3 seconds critically important to the success of your business?

Because consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day. With people are overwhelmed by an environment and culture that seems to be passing by at warp speed, they are forced to make buying decisions just as fast.

In the old days you could get away with using sentimental manipulation and other “tricks” to get people to buy.

Those methods don’t work anymore. Period.

For too long selling has been about manipulating a message, and manipulating the consumer. The Irresistible Offer presents a new, effective, and ethical way to sell based on what will fulfill the customers needs, and not by how you’re selling it. It shows you what “social proof” is and how to use it in your marketing and sales so that customers find you, and your company, truly irresistible.

The Great Formula For Creating Maximum Profit With Minimal Effort

Sells for: $97

Get the #1 Bestselling Book That Reveals the Simple 3 Step Formula That Created Every Fortune in History For FREE!

This book reminds me of Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity – a stunningly simple idea that changed the course of history.
-David Garfinkel, author, Customers on Demand

… cuts through the chatter and goes straight to the heart of what really works. This is truly a new perspective.
-Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation

Gary Halbert

“I’m literally losing sleep studying and taking notes from the package you sent me. Do you have any clue how rare it is for me to say something like that to someone? It happens almost never.”

Gary Halbert
Author of The Boron Letters,

Copywriting with Joe Sugarman and Ted Nicholas

Sells for: $539

Learn How to Write Profit Pulling Copy from
Two of the Greatest Copywriters of All-Time
Joe Sugarman and Ted Nicholas will teach you:

How to easily generate an endless stream of cash-windfall producing ideas – on demand.
The single most important thing that controls every aspect of your life.  Master it, and wealth is yours.
Do this before you write a word of copy and a revenue generating ad will flow from your fingers with ease.  Not doing this is why 90% of all ads bomb.
This single 9 letter word is the secret to great writing.  (It’s so easy and obvious …  But most simply don’t do it and that’s why they fail.)
The one marketing tactic the gurus teach that is dead wrong 9 times out of 10.  (Joe’s scientific testing has proven it.)
How to turn a “mediocre product” into a winner in seconds.  Joe used this technique with a “common” product in the 80’s and sold 250,000 units at $39.95.
The 7 secrets of believable writing.  (This is crucial … Even if you’re selling the cure for cancer you’ll sell exactly zero units if no one believes you.)
The single purpose for every single “graphic element” in your copy.  They are designed to get the reader to do one thing – and one thing only.
The simple secret for creating cash-windfalls with “short ads” (Google adwords, classifieds, etc.)
How to create a “buying environment” with your ads that instantly put people “in the mood” and reaching for their wallets.
The single most important thing you must know if you want people to buy right now.
How Ted started a multi-million dollar business with a single $90 classified ad.
When is the best time of day to sell? (This will shock you!)

Joe Sugarman”There is nobody better than Mark Joyner when it comes to marketing and copywriting skills. I’m a great fan of his creativity
and I love this guy’s work.”

Joseph Sugarman,
Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation and
Best-Selling Author of “Triggers”

Get immediately download Mark Joyner – Simpleology 102 The Simple Science of Money

Jacque Fresco on Drawing

Sells for: $297

Discover the Quickest “Learn to Draw
Like A Pro” Method Known To Man

Imagine how surprised and impressed your friends and family will be when you learn how to draw practically overnight. Not to mention the feeling of personal satisfaction.

If you are thinking “no, you don’t understand, I could never do that, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body,” then worry not.  Jacque Fresco’s revolutionary teaching method works even for people who can barely draw stick figures.

If you are worried you will not have time, then never fear. Each lesson is only a few minutes long and only takes a few minutes to master. This is true no matter what your age or ability.

Why on earth would you want to learn how to draw?

Here’s why:

Freelance artists are well-paid and always in demand.
If you are an author or aspire to be one, adding drawings to your book beefs up the perceived value.
For business executives your drawings scale up your ability to communicate in meetings, working with your marketing dept. and your ad agency, and make you the envy of your peers.
Looking for a way to effortlessly exercises your brain? Many of the greatest minds in history learned how to draw. Think da Vinci, Burton, Benjamin Franklin.
Do you create products? Learning to draw dramatically enhances your products value, helps you communicate better with outsourcers and employees, and saves a ton of valuable time on every project.

Jacque Fresco is a Great Teacher. The man is a genius and is world renowned as a teacher, inventor, speaker and futurist. With Jacque as your teacher you do not need any drawing talent whatsoever. You’ll learn to draw, guaranteed. Expensive degree from the top universities not required.

Dr. Joe Vitale Teaches the Law of Attraction

Sells for: $47

The 5 “Missing Secrets”
Not Revealed in The Secret

In this course Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and teacher of The Law of Attraction, teaches you the 5 “Missing Secrets” not revealed in The Secret. He reveals them in a video broadcast to Law of Attraction “skeptic” Mark Joyner.

Joe will show you how to make a few simple adjustments in your thinking that will switch on your “massive action machine” and start making those “pipe dreams” a reality – no matter what you want.   How?   …Simply by:

Revealing the single secret to getting what you want.
Learning to focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to “show up” in your life.
Getting you to take Inspired Action that will transform our life whenever you want, and with immediate results.
Showing you the 5 Easy Steps to understanding the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to your life.
Learning how to get the Universe working for you, instead of against you.
Unveiling a simple trick you can do while sitting in your chair to test whether your ultimate dream is what you truly want.
Demonstrating the single morning ritual you can use to begin every day feeling blessed and energized.
And much, much more…

Do this Course and change your life. It really is as simple as that.

Joe Vitale

“Mark is a genius.  Within one hour he turned on the lights in my brain about my marketing, my websites, and even my life’s direction.”

Dr. Joe Vitale
Author, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual

Mind Control Marketing

Sells for: $27
The truth is, the foundation of marketing is rooted in persuasion. And if your marketing is crumbling, that’s the missing element.

In this course I share with you the very foundation that’s allowed me to make millions upon millions in revenues and massive repeat business.

The operating system behind persuasion is available to anyone. And it’s high-time you put its power to the test…

You don’t need a college education to use it
You don’t need a huge bankroll to own it
You don’t have to be a genius to use it
You NEVER have to worry about being a sleaze-bag
And you’ll be amazed at how superior it is to what you’re using now!

The mega-successful, the marketing elite are already using these tactics … and you don’t even know it. That’s how subtle they are. And when you add these remarkable techniques to your arsenal, it’s like harnessing a hurricane of selling power that leaves your competition hanging on for dear life.

I published this book a few years ago, and then took it off the market. Some of these tactics and methods are so powerful I was afraid it would get into the wrong hands. I have recently changed my mind and am making it available once again. This information is way too valuable to keep a secret because it will change so many lives in the people and businesses that incorporate these simple but powerful marketing methods.

In Mind Control Marketing you’ll discover:

How to use the “Herd Mentality” to move your prospects to the order button… in unison. (This principle has been proven scientifically by psychologists as far back as 1935… but it’s been influencing human behavior since the dawn of man.)
Why people tend to almost blindly obey commands from authoritative figures (even 1960’s “free-spirit” hippies were subject to this law… if it works for the counter-culture, how easy can you use it to compel website visitors to buy?)
How to use these tactics to ethically influence your prospects, your partners, your friends and your family in minutes…

John Assaraf

“Mark is a walking encyclopedia of practical, creative
and usable here’s what works material.”

John Assaraf, New York Times
The Street Kid’s Guide To Having It All,

Catalog of Esoteric Psychological Lore (The Most Comprehensive Collection of Forbidden Psychological Tricks, Tactics & Techniques Ever Assembled)

Sells for: $197
Here you will meet 8 mind control masters. I’ll reveal every secret in their collective persuasion arsenals … so you can get a good understanding of what the best in the world know about real-world persuasion.

These men have been the driving force behind billions of dollars in sales… so rest assured, I’m talking about a goldmine of instantly usable tactics and strategies.

No stuffy academics who know nothing but theory… they actually use persuasion to gracefully rake in the kind of money that defies common sense.

The Most Unique Catalogue of Psychological Triggers Ever Assembled

Warning: A couple of these techniques aren’t for the squeamish. They are hard-core… to say the least. I initially hesitated to include them… but I know even the most ethical persuasion patterns can be used maliciously. So I’m trusting you to exercise prudent judgment with them. The last thing I want to do is unleash monsters in the streets.

But I believe you should see the weapons of influence in a balanced way. And the truth is, even some of these “Dark Side” persuasion tactics have components you can ethically use. However, the best part of knowing the darker side of persuasion is recognizing the tactics… and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

The majority of these techniques are amazingly effective tools that will in no way challenge your integrity. These are patterns of persuasion I’ve personally used to build unstoppable momentum and legions of raving fans all around the world… not to mention filled the coffers of two businesses… and supported dozens of employees and their families.

Online Affiliate Income

Sells for: $97

The #1 Way Someone With
Little To No Experience Can
Make Their First $1,000 Online

Seriously, look no further than your inbox. The majority of people now considered gurus, got their start online as Affiliate Marketers promoting other people’s products.

For Tellman Knudson, Russell Brunson, Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill, and many other names you would instantly recognize, Affiliate Marketing was their foot-in- the-door to their now multi-million dollar empires.

Now would you believe that they are still collecting checks to this day  from campaigns they set up years ago?

And the More You do THIS… the more you make.

Welcome to the powerful world of Affiliate Marketing.

Think about this:

Where else can you do something once and be paid on it for many, many years to come?
Where else can you write a very simple article that takes you 26 minutes to write on something as basic as growing a rose garden and generate an extra few thousand dollars per year from that one article?
Where else can you write a few simple emails and set them to be sent for you automatically providing you income streams from each and every new person that subscribes to your newsletter forever?
Where else can you work along side of your friend, spouse, or child on fun projects creating simple websites about subjects that you love – that produce income for you every single day?
Where else does time not matter? Affiliate Marketing is a business that you can work on at 3:00 PM, 3:00 AM, weekdays, or weekends. Heck, you can even run it while sipping coffee at your favorite bookstore or while sipping a margarita at your favorite vacation spot. You determine your schedule.

Trust me on this one, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. And there’s definitely no shame in taking every legitimate shortcut you can to achieve success. It’s the smart approach.

The Bottom line: If you’re looking to make your first $1,000 online, you will have the greatest chance of success by using my proven blueprint, which I give you in this course, using classic Simpleology teaching methods.

Jim Fleck

“Mark Joyner’s power lies in his ability to not only motivate you,
but then to give you the specific ideas and steps to follow
through on that inspiration.”

Jim Fleck, Author of My Kids First Million ,

Worst Case Scenario Business Emergency
Preparedness Training 101

Sells for: $97
The Worst Case Scenario Business Emergency Preparedness Course is jam-packed with everything you need to know to survive, put out the fires, and deal with the inevitable emergencies all growing businesses experience.

Business emergencies seem to be popping up more frequently in this economic climate and appear to be more ferocious than any time in the past. Executives and business owners who were not prepared to deal with these emergencies have been  forced to watch their businesses crumble around them.

You’ve likely seen it in the news many times over the last year.

Don’t be one of them.  Instead, use this course to learn:

How to become aware of looming business emergencies before they happen, and what to do about them.
How to plan for potential business emergencies, and even preventing them from ever occurring in the first place.
How to stop the 28 most pressing, most dangerous business emergencies, thus averting a complete disaster that could destroy your business …saving your income, your family’s way of life — and the lives of your staff (who literately count on you for their livelihood.)
Learn how to prepare your team and prevent panic that could do even further damage to your business.

With the Worst Case Scenario Business Emergency Preparedness Training Course on your side, you’ll be armed with the ammunition you need to deal with emergencies head on – in all areas of your business such as:

Financial Emergencies
HR Emergencies
Productivity Emergencies
Sales and Marketing Emergencies
Executive Emergencies

Simply put, in this course you’ll learn how to deal with financial, HR, productivity and marketing emergencies to name just a few. And how to adapt what you have learned to any business emergency that could rear it’s ugly head. At any time. And they will. And Now you will be prepared.

But that’s not all… You’ll get every NEW Simpleology Course too!

As long as you remain a Simpleology Premium member, in addition to Unlimited Access to Every Simpleology Course ever created you’ll also get every new Simpleology course ever release in the future too.

Naturally I believe Simpleology Premium will show you how to get ahead in life… and business. The tactics in each course have been proven time and again not only by me, but by thousands of satisfied members.

Just to inspire you, I want to share with you just a few of the success stories that roll in to us every single day …

(be sure to read the story about the 10 pound “side effect!”)

Courageous Stroke Survivor Goes from $0 to $3,485 Per Month After Simpleology


D’arcy Mayo
Sydney, Australia
“During the very first lesson of Simpleology you’re asked to write down, “One Thing You Most Desire in Your Life”. My response was to have the resources to live life fully which means traveling the world, loving with passion, creating writings that move peoples to think, act and fulfill their destiny. That was on August 11 … my birthday. I was in a financial bind after having lost everything following several strokes … I’d lost my business, my home, my ability to read/speak/write so my resource where zero.

A friend I trust told me about Simpleology so I thought, what have I got to lose? That opening lesson changed everything for me! My efforts to re-learn the use of language was accelerated because of the use of the Daily Praxis that Mark Joyner taught me in Simpleology … that made it possible for me to take the next step which was to create new income steams to achieve my stated target of living life fully. Within a month, I had begun building a new business and had started earning income online. Less than 3 months later, I’d gone from less than $70 in August to $3,485 per month in October.

It’s great the way life works when you use Simpleology to focus your life. In addition to my income growth I was able to travel to the Australian Gold Coast for a week-long working holiday that cost me not a cent. Now, I’m expanding my ArticlesAbouteBay website and building an awesome writers portal at which I believe will be unique and service writings of all kinds all over the planet Breath-taking results like that are common to members of Simpleology which is why I’ve gone further and created a blog to share my experience at

With all my heart, I thank Mark Joyner for his vision in creating Simpleology.”
“Feeling completely confident that I knew what my target was, I went with enthusiasm. After the interview, I kept waiting for a reply that I had the part-time seasonal job. After 2 weeks, I received a call saying that they wanted me, not for the seasonal position but were so impressed that they had a full-time professional position for me with great pay and full benefits and tuition assistance which was one of my secret desires. So, the news keeps getting better. It is extremely convenient to home, great hours and an industry that I find totally exciting.

This story sounds like one of those stories I would read and say “yeah, right”, but it is totally true and I start my new position on Monday November 7th, one week before my 1st wedding anniversary.!!

Thank you for a simple direct experience that gave me more insight into what I really wanted than I would have believed. Thank You!”

Landed a High-Paying Career with Tiffany & Co!

Lisa K. Smith
Philadelphia, PA

Lost 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks as an Unexpected “Side Effect”


Adam Dudly
Orlando, FL
As my focused energy and attention has increased over the 3 weeks I’ve been doing the program, I have lost approximately 10 pounds. How can this be so?

Simple, I don’t think about eating anymore. It’s not as important to me as it once was because I’m much more focused on my Daily and Long Term Major Targets rather than what, when, and where I’m going to eat next. I still eat well, however I eat just enough to be satiated and then I’m fine. I have super human discipline!

I am very happy being under 200 pounds again for the first time in over a year and I don’t plan on stopping here. My intention is to get back down to my old fighting weight of 180.
Hi, since beginning the Simpleology program I have received a promotion, purchased a brand new Dodge Charger (fun car), sold our old house in Alaska and we are having a brand new home built in south central Missouri.

These are all results of an increased level of concentration, drive, and self control, all of these characteristics are processes that happen on a daily basis as a result of Mark’s program.

Got a Big Promotion, Bought a Brand New Sexy Dodge Charger, and Built His Custom Dream Home


Mark Brown
Anchorage, Alaska

Passion Reignited After Triple Bypass


Geoff Browne
Adelaide Australia
Hello Mark, at first I was skeptical about what Simpleology could do, I liken it to the health products that I take which eventually saved my life. So I thought what the heck I will try it. Wow! Since completing Simpleology my own business has taken off. I put it down to the passion that has been reignited within me. I set my targets and I am heading straight for them.

The amazing aspect of it all is that other people can see this passion in me. I have two businesses, one a small snack bar and the other in the health industry. After only one week into Simpleology we (my wife and I ) decided to enter into the Small Business Awards for the best fast food category in the western suburbs (Adelaide South Australia) competing with thousands of other business’s. Well we have made the final three and will find out tonight at a presentation dinner if we have won. But I believe that we have already won just to get this far.

My health business is also hitting new heights and I am passing on your message to everyone who asks me what is happening. Thank you Mark this has changed my life dramatically. I had a triple bypass last year and never thought it would be possible to achieve anything like this again.

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Good question.

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The fact is, I think I’ve cracked a few codes and figured out a few things that the average guy may not have figured out yet.

Maybe I’m lucky.  Maybe I’m smart.  Who knows?

None of that matters, really.  What really matters is whether or not I can help YOU!

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