MasterClass – Chris Voss – Teaches the Art of Negotiation

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MasterClass – Chris Voss – Teaches the Art of Negotiation

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MasterClass – Chris Voss – Teaches the Art of Negotiation

MasterClass – Chris Voss – Teaches the Art of Negotiation

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  • 01 Tactical Empathy

    Meet your new instructor: former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss. While many believe that negotiation is a battle, Chris sees successful negotiation as a collaboration rooted in empathy.

  • 02 Mirroring

    Mirroring is one of the most simple yet effective techniques in any negotiator’s repertoire. Through simple repetition, Chris demonstrates how you can gather vital information in a negotiation and put your counterpart at ease.

  • 03 Labeling

    Learn how you can use labels—verbal observations of feelings—to neutralize negative emotions in a negotiation or reinforce positive ones to create a better deal.

  • 04 Exercise: Mirroring and Labeling

    How does a conversation about escape room games lead to deep insights into someone’s character? Chris demonstrates how by using two key negotiation techniques: mirroring and labeling.

  • 05 Mastering Delivery

    The way you say something during a negotiation is as important as the words you choose. Chris explores how you can use tone and inflection to your advantage and shares his top tips for online communication.

  • 06 Case Study: Chase Manhattan Bank Robbery

    In 1993, two men held three employees hostage at a Chase Manhattan Bank in Brooklyn. Hear Chris’s techniques in action as he shares for the first time the tape recordings of his phone calls with the kidnappers.

  • 07 Body Language & Speech Patterns

    How people behave and how they say things can be much more insightful in a negotiation than what they say. This lesson is about looking beyond the surface and distinguishing truth from fiction.

  • 08 Creating the Illusion of Control

    Who has more control in a negotiation: the person who’s talking or the person who’s listening? Chris lets you in on the secret to gaining the upper hand in a negotiation and explains how you can shift the power dynamic to your advantage.

  • 09 Mock Negotiation: Teenager

    Chris plays the part of a father whose teenage daughter wants to spend the weekend with her boyfriend at his parents’ vacation home; he doesn’t trust the boyfriend. Chris demonstrates techniques to get his “daughter” on his side.

  • 10 The Accusations Audit

    There are often a lot of feelings in the room when a negotiation starts. Chris teaches you how to use an accusations audit as a means of identifying these feelings and turning negatives into positives.

  • 11 The Value of “No”

    Most people think the most important word in a negotiation is “yes.” In fact, the opposite is true. Chris tells you why “no” can be the pivotal word that gets you to your desired outcome.

  • 12 Mock Negotiation: Rival

    The hardest thing to reconcile in a negotiation is opposing views. Chris shows you how to handle competing agendas without alienating the other side.

  • 13 Bending Reality

    A negotiation can succeed or fail depending on how you frame your case. Chris walks you through the subtle art of perspective and how to understand a counterpart’s key emotional drivers in order to make a compelling case.

  • 14 Bargaining

    Hard bargaining doesn’t have to mean taking a sledgehammer approach. Chris teaches you how to bargain with skill, diplomacy, and tact.

  • 15 Mock Negotiation: Salary

    Chris demonstrates how to negotiate effectively for a pay increase. Learn why he doesn’t focus the conversation on money.

  • 16 Black Swans

    Black swans are game-changing pieces of information that you don’t know when entering a negotiation. Chris walks you through an FBI case where uncovering a black swan led to a breakthrough.

  • 17 Mock Negotiation: “60 Seconds or She Dies”

    An armed bank robber is barricaded in a bank with one female hostage. He wants a car in “60 seconds or she dies.” Watch as Chris deals with this tense, high-stakes negotiation where one wrong move can lead to a deadly outcome.

  • 18 The Power of Negotiation

    Chris’s motivation for teaching negotiation is deeply personal. Discover why Chris believes negotiation is a powerful tool that can transform your life.

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