Michael Boyer – Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property

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Michael Boyer - Every Landlord's Guide to Managing Property

Michael Boyer – Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property

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The ultimate property management guide for the do-it-yourself landlord!

Written for the millions of landlords who own a single-family home, condo, or small (less than four unit) rental property, Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property covers everyday skills a hands-on landlord needs, including how to:

  • retain good, long-term tenants with regular communication
  • handle nitty-gritty maintenance―from snow removal to toilet clogs to painting
  • avoid conflicts over late rent, unauthorized roommates, and clutter
  • limit costly tenant turnovers and vacancies
  • manage condos and deal with association restrictions
  • track income and expenses and do your own taxes
  • hire and work with contractors, lawyers, and others, and
  • balance landlording with a day job or other pursuits.

This edition is completely updated to cover the latest legal and business issues affecting landlords, including the pros and cons of incorporating as an LLC, how to estimate reserves with a capital expenditures (CAP EX) schedule, and guidelines for buying an occupied rental property.