Mike Paul – Real Estate Ad Accelerator & OTO1 & OTO2

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Mike Paul - Real Estate Ad Accelerator & OTO1 & OTO2

Mike Paul – Real Estate Ad Accelerator & OTO1 & OTO2

Price: $47

Realtors Are Fed Up With Inferior Leads That Never Buy… And Spending a Fortune On The Same Leads Competitors Get

Now You’ll Earn Up to $8,000 Monthly Fees, With Google Ads New Targeting. (Google Is Practically hiding it)

Forget “Crockpot Slow” Buyers, You’ll Bring “Hot-Ready-To-Buy” Customers to Realtor Clients…Instantly!

How I Stumbled Onto This AD Goldmine…”

Hey folks, it’s Mike with a peek into what my day is like…
and how recently, a single phone call forced me to take action!
As a former realtor for 13 years I know plenty of realtors. Some do well, but many struggle, do to lack of good leads.
They’re good at finding great houses for clients but they lack true marketing skills.
Yvonne from North Carolina calls and says, “Mike how did you do so so well in this business?” I know you were a leader for years in your office. I cant seem to catch a break.”
..and I’m spending a fortune on lead services with almost nothing to show for it…I’m starting to think the whole things a scam!”
I guess you have to have been in someone’s shoes to know how bad that feels.
When I hung up, I told myself I would look at what’s working lead-wise right now, 2018, not when I was practicing RE.
I was having no luck, until I stumbled onto an advertising tool I thought I knew well.. Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords).
Formerly Adwords, it’s still the 800 lb Gorilla when it comes to PPC. The buying intentions are strongest there, since visitors don’t click there for other reasons.
But, suddenly I noted some important changes…

The Realtor’s Dilemma

Here’s the main problem agents have grown to live with…
A majority of the leads they’re generating in this new era are…
Not Even Close To Being Ready To Buy!
Studies show that the average window from when a real estate home buyer first goes online to search for houses to when they are ready to view homes is… 6 months!
And as a result of that 6 month window, agents trying to “sell” that “new searcher” come up cold.
Now Google’s created a way to sidestep the ‘incubation stage’.

Here’s What Happened…

In June of 2018 Google proved its power in search targeting like never before.
But it was almost like it was done in secret. The announcement was quiet which is why most clients and prospects don’t even know it exists.
A few years ago Google came out with “In-market” audiences. It’s a way to target “now” buyers and works best for niches that see the impulse of late buying habits.

But There’s More…

In June of 2018 In-market audiences made their debut in what was already working; search campaigns.
Combine a massive targeting tool for “now” buyers with “search” ads and you get the ULTIMATE tool for the real estate niche.
Are you starting to get excited? Check your pulse if you’re not, because this is BIG. Especially because…

NO ONE Is Doing This!

(if they are at all, it’s on a tiny scale and in niches other than real estate.)
  • So no more trying to sell “yourself” because the service is a commodity.
  • No more worrying about what your competition is offering.
  • No more searching for that secret method to deliver a strong marketing service.
I am giving it to you here. And I’m betting this is what you need to go after the 2 million RE agents all over the US and millions more around the globe.
BOTTOM LINE: Google has a way now to analyze the search habits of consumers so they can almost predict when the consumer is ready to buy…
And YOU can implement this strategy and get paid handsomely for it…

$750 A Month Per Client Is Easy

Just 8 agents out of all the ones in your city puts you in a new tax bracket.
This is almost too simple, I’m serious. EVERY agent is looking for a way to compete with the swarms of agents in their town.
Most already spend money on the lead services and pay for leads SHARED with other agents!
Don’t miss this fact; You’ll be offering a PREMIUM service. Realtors have a long history of paying for leads (more than 10 years) and not getting quality.

Why Will Realtor Clients stay with You?

Results. Results. Results and …more Results.
Leads that are primed to ACT soon are worth more than slow ‘crockpot’ leads. These leads will be taking action, writing contracts on houses and going to closings.

Realtors HATE Technical

Its true. Almost every RE agent I knew was technically-challenged. The few that like techy stuff wouuldnt be your client anyway. They would have been better off in another field than RE.
95% love the implications of this new targetiong but just are too afraid (or busy) to implement it.
YOU are at the right place at the right time – literally.
Its so easy to present to them, once you know the HOW and the HOW TO. Your crediblity with this marketing tool will go through the roof!
You carry AUTHORITY when you can talk about this and offer to set up campaigns and run them. You’ll feel ‘in charge’ which you are.