Mitchell Kanashkevich – Mastering Natural Light Course

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Mitchell Kanashkevich - Mastering Natural Light Course

Mitchell Kanashkevich – Mastering Natural Light Course

Price: $97

Do You Want to Produce Great Photos Without Expensive Gear? Unleash Your Full Creative Potential Simply By Discovering the Secrets to Natural Light!

This is why natural light is the MOST powerful free tool you have as a photographer…

Have you limited yourself creatively, by shooting only in ‘good’ light?

Do you avoid shooting in certain ‘tricky’ lighting situations, because you don’t yet have the confidence?
Have you looked at your own photos and felt they are a little flat. Or, that they’re just like everyone else’s?
Do you ever feel stuck creatively, and want to develop your own unique style?
Then keep reading…

Travel/Documentary photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich has a very important message for you-

Almost any photographer will tell you – light is very important. But, for too long I believed all the wrong things about light.
I thought the only time to create amazing images was during the golden hour. I believed I needed to spend money on more equipment, like flashes and reflectors, to get great shots.
The idea of mastering light seemed too complex, overwhelming, out of reach, and frankly, out of my budget.
I was wrong.
Light doesn’t have to be complex…You don’t need to spend more money on gear. You don’t need assistants.

Introducing ‘The New Mastering Natural Light Video Course’

This is the only course you need to take control of every lighting situation, and reach your full creative potential. Trust me when I tell you this…This comprehensive course will show you how to command light as a powerful tool.
You’ll get over 3 hours of original educational content, spread over 26 multimedia lessons, with multiple case-studies, time lapses, image breakdowns, diagrams, and exercises. This course is the most extensive natural light mastery resource of its kind.
After going through the training – you’ll be able to take full control of your photography, and you’ll no-longer miss out on beautiful photo opportunities.
Plus, you’re being taught by Mitchell Kanashkevich, who is truly one of the best. Having had his work featured in National Geographic Traveler, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet Traveler, Geographical UK and even winning ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’
This course is Mitchell taking you by-the-hand and showing you exactly how to use light to create powerful photos that tell your stories and evoke real emotions in your viewers.

Module 1 – The fundamentals, understanding natural light and working with it.

This module contains 90 minutes of essential natural light video tutorials. The videos will help you understand how natural light works and how to turn it into a powerful ally.
  • Role of Natural Light
  • Power of Natural Light
  • Natural Light as a Creative Tool
  • Adapting to Natural Light
  • Philosophy Behind Natural Light
  • Natural Light and Color
  • Histogram
  • Exposing with Post-Processing in Mind
  • Controlling Natural Light’s Impact
  • Diffusing Natural Light
  • Direction of Natural Light
  • Directing Natural Light Indoors
  • Directing Natural Light Outdoors
  • Multiple Light Sources
  • Dynamic Nature
  • Dealing with Elusive Light

Module 2 – Natural light and post-processing.

This module covers the important relationship between natural light and post-processing, so you can get the most from your natural light photographs.
  • Why do we Post-Process?
  • Global Adjustments
  • Local Adjustments

Module 3 – Comprehensive guide to natural light.

95 minutes of videos that make up “The comprehensive guide to natural light.” If you’re serious about your photography and want to explore the topic of natural light in great depth, everything you need is covered here.
  • Twilight
  • Magic/Golden Hour
  • Light Diffused by Clouds
  • Harsh Daylight
  • Light Diffused Indoors and in the Shade
  • Light in the Fog