Molly-Rose Speed – The Practical Magic Training

$3,000.00 $597.00


Molly-Rose Speed - The Practical Magic Training

Molly-Rose Speed – The Practical Magic Training

Price: $3000

Unleashing Your Inner Wonder Woman and Stepping into Your Most Empowered Life

The Practical Magic Training Will:
+ Teach you sacred practices for tuning into your higher power and inner guidance
+ Initiate you in three activations of your mind, body, and soul
+ Enable you to begin communicating with your body and tapping into it’s wisdom
+ Give you resilience through body, mind and soul strength training
+ Have you establishing powerful rituals that support your wonder woman self
+ Help you access your divine blueprint and your specific mission and sacred direction
+ Allow you to define and get clear on what your highest power is to you
+ Awaken your inner power, you will recognize your divine super power
+ Strengthen and heal your relationship with your body, aide you in uncovering the best foods, fitness and self care for your specific body
+ Aide you in creating space and foundation for your most expansive life
+ Teach you in the power of love centered discipline, integrity and alignment
+ Show you how to be the master of your mind and reprogram your negative thoughts
+ Train you in wielding your words, thoughts and actions in the service of your highest good and the good of all those around you
+ Enable you to build a tool box of Practical Magic techniques that you can lean on
+ Teach you how to connect with the new moon and full moon through rituals
+ Reinvigorate your love and passion for life and your belief in yourself


+ 26 intensive videos loaded with body, mind, and soul tools
+ Weekly live group coaching circles throughout the six month training
+ 90 minute intensive deep dives with me each month (PLUS plan)
+ Access to the private Practical Magic Facebook group
Earn with Intention course ($297 value)
Eight game changing workshops to help you tap into the flow of abundance clear up your money blocks and earn more than you ever imagined with intention these practices and tools I share are the same that help me triple my income in a year
B o n u s – V i d e o – W o r k s h o p s
S E X – M A G I C
Our sexual energy is the most powerful and primal force for creation, we literally give birth to new life through it but we can utilize the same energy to create whatever we desire in our lives. This intensive is based on the teachings of Mary Magdalene. I will show you how everything we go over can be used solo or with partner
A P H R O D I T E – A N D – A T H E N A
Your Aphrodite is your playful sexy goddess who sits back on her clam-shell and allows men/woman, money and opportunities to come to her your Athena is the powerful warrior who charges into battle and gets what she wants. We both have we have both within us this workshop is about balance them during different parts of our lives
K N O W – Y O U R – S T A R S
Ever thought about how your soul may have just chosen the perfect night sky to incarnate under? In this workshop I will help you breakdown your natal chart and explain how you can use the information for how you live your life in a very tangible practical way. There are so many secrets for you in your stars!