Moneeka Sawyer – Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula

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Moneeka Sawyer – Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula

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Moneeka Sawyer – Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula

Moneeka Sawyer – Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula

Price: $997

Get your Blueprint to Successful Real Estate Investing

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

You will get the exact process I have used to help my private clients create a real estate investing business that will support the joy in their lives and also make them very wealthy.

I start with the groundwork: what’s your big why, what are your CORE values, what are your resources? From there we set goals that are aligned with the truth of who you are and what will actually work with your circumstances and your family.

And then we pick a strategy that is perfect for you!

Since many strategies involve having tenants, I then share my 25 years of experience in how to manage properties in a way that is easy, low stress, and doesn’t take much time. This is the key to truly building blissful wealth.

You’ll discover things like:

– How to find a property that’s perfect for your strategy

– How to find amazing tenants who will manage the properties for you so you don’t have to.

– What to do when things go wrong, and how to manage your emotions so you don’t get stressed out.

– And much more…

Blissful Investor Mindset

Learn how I went from a hobby investor to 7 figures in property investments by changing my mindset. I’ll show you the mindset hacks and techniques you can use to do the same even if you don’t own any properties and have no clue on how to get started.

Blissful Partnerships

Transforms your tenants into your allies and avoid the headaches most landlords have to deal with. Using my process, you’ll always have great tenants who don’t disrupt the quality of your life.

Blissful Property Formula

I’ll show you the 4 questions I ask myself before investing in any property. By asking yourself these simple questions you’ll avoid the duds and choose only profitable investments.

BONUS: Blissful Financing & Trends

Find ways to be creative and finances your properties even if you don’t have the money. You’ll learn from my experts the best ways to get started or adding more investment properties. Plus, learn the hottest Real Estate Trends and secure only the best investments

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