Nick Biedermann – Ecom Freedom 2.0

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Nick Biedermann - Ecom Freedom 2.0

Nick Biedermann – Ecom Freedom 2.0

Price:  $197

Ecom Freedom 2.0

The Last Program You Will Ever Need

In this Dropshipping course you will learn everything you need to know to profitably start, run and grow your business.
*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos to this course as time goes on! If Facebook makes any changes that impact us as sellers you can expect a video on how to account for it!
I will go over:
  • Full website walkthrough
  • Product Research
  • Product Criteria
  • How to find products that are already selling
  • How to price your products
  • Creating a high converting website
  • Implementing the most essential apps
  • How to setup your Shopify / Facebook Ad Account account
  • How to run Facebook ad campaigns
  • The exact scaling method to do 6 Figures/month

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Welcome To Ecom Freedom 2.0! (Overview)
 StartHow this course is going to be structured (1:29)
Module 2: Creating A Shopify Store – Step By Step
 StartNiche Vs. General – What Should You Choose? (14:57)
 StartDifferent Pages In Your Store (5:03)
 StartAdding Products (Overview) (5:58) StartCreating A Store LIVE (19:42)
 StartHow To Get Custom Logos Made Tailored Towards Your Store (9:31)
 StartEssential Shopify Apps Needed To Begin With (7:35)
 StartFinalizing Your Store (10:24)
Module 3: Product Research (TWO Winning 6 Figure Products Shown)
 StartHigh Ticket Vs. Low Ticket (9:24)
 StartProduct Research Tool #1 (6:13)
 StartProduct Research Tool #2 (8:10)
 StartSecret Product Research Strategy (How I Found The Product That Made Me $286,000 In 3 Months) (2:45)
 StartProduct Research Tool #4 (4:54)
 StartFinding A Potential Winner LIVE (6:38)
 StartAdding The Product To Our Store (18:14)