Optionpit – Options Made Easy

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Optionpit – Options Made Easy

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Optionpit – Options Made Easy

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Course 1  Making Decisions:  Why Do You Buy?
  • why buying options is the least risky with the most potential profits
  • when to buy and when not to buy
  • learn to trade options and not the stock
Course 2  Making Decisions:  Why Do You Sell?
  • what are the reasons for selling options in the first place?
  • how to price your “opinion” on a stock
  • what makes a great option sale?
  • a word about risk
 Course 3 Spreads
  • why use a spread?
  • understanding spreads and volatility
  • long and short spreads and making money
  • why use a complex spread?
Course 4 Position Development
  • when the market tells you what to do
  • riding the realized volatility into a position
  • learn to identify what is needed for a position to make money
 Course 5 Position Development and Management
  • now that you have that position on, what to do with it
  • how to manage your position with stock movement and lack of movement
  • adjusting your position for changes in the Greeks

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