Probiotic Advisor – Meet your Microbiome 4-Week Course

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Probiotic Advisor - Meet your Microbiome 4-Week Course

Probiotic Advisor – Meet your Microbiome 4-Week Course

Price: $197

Meet your Microbiome 4-Week Course

Do you want to learn more about your unique gut ecosystem and learn new techniques to mould it to better harness it’s powerful health benefits?

Do you want to learn more about your unique gut ecosystem?
Are you curious as to how healthy your microbiome is?
Do you want to discover new tools and techniques you can use to beneficially modify your microbiome?
If so, Dr Jason Hawrelak’s Meet your Microbiome course is for you!
Do you need more specific interpretive guidance to better understand your uBiome or American Gut Project microbiome results?
Do you know:
  • What a healthy Akkermansia population is? What the potential consequences of having too little of this organism are? And how to re-establish it, if your population is too low?
  • Which microbial phyla may be contributing to your low mood or anxiety? And how to eat to change this?
  • How to tell if your bifidobacteria is really extinct?
  • If taking a probiotic supplement or eating fermented foods can really re-inoculate your gut?
  • Which species contribute to metabolic health and help maintain optimal blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity? And which foods and supplements you can use to nourish these specific species?
  • How much Bacteroides you should have?
  • Which little-known group of gut microbes could be contributing to gut inflammation and leaky gut? And what foods you may be eating that are encouraging their growth?
Do you want to meet newly discovered and important gut microbiota species (beyond Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium spp.) and the roles they play in keeping you healthy?
If so, Dr Jason Hawrelak’s Meet your Microbiome course is for you!
The gut microbiome is an exciting area of research. Recent studies have connected alterations in this ecosystem with a range of diseases – from gut conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease to other non-gut conditions like anxiety, depression, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and fatty liver.
In this 4-week course, Dr Jason Hawrelak (research scientist, educator and clinician), will answer all of the above questions and more! For more information on Dr Hawrelak, see his bio here.
This course is targeted for health-conscious individuals. If you are a health professional, then the about to be launched Stool Analysis Masterclass course (which covers these areas in more depth plus additional information on the pros and cons of different functional stool testing options) would be a better choice. The Meet your Microbiome course consists of 4 lessons (each is 40-100 minutes in duration; over 4.5 hours of material in total). One lesson is released each week for 4 consecutive weeks:
Lesson 1: The Microbiota – A Vital Human Organ? (77mins)
Lesson 2Diversity, Phyla balance, Endotoxins, and your Gut Guardians Part 1 (97 mins)
Lesson 3: Gut Guardians Part 2 – Akkermansia, Faecalibacterium & other Butyrate Producers (64 mins)
Lesson 4: The Bad and the Ugly of your Microbiota (37 mins)
Lessons can be studied at your own time and at your own pace. You can start the first lesson whenever it suits you.
After completion of this course, you will:
  • Know “the good, the bad, and the ugly” members of your microbiota
  • Better understand your uBiome and American Gut Project microbiome results
  • Know and be able to implement supplemental and dietary approaches to:
    • increase your ecosystem diversity
    • re-establish healthy populations of some of your major gut bacterial species, such as BacteroidesBifidobacterium, and Faecalibacterium spp.
  • Understand what foods to eat to nourish specific microbe populations
  • Know what to avoid eating, or limit in your diet, to suppress certain bacterial populations
Participants will have the opportunity to bring in their own unique microbiome profile to examine, so you’ll be able to see just how healthy your microbiome is!
Stool Microbiome Assessment
•To get the most out of this course, it is recommended that you bring along your own microbiome assessment. A result from a lab utilising molecular techniques to assess your microbiome (such as Thryve, the American Gut Project, British Gut, mymicrozoo, or the now defunct uBiome Gut Explorer) will work perfectly.
•You will still gain much from this course without this stool microbiome assessment. When taught previously, the course has received an exceptional feedback rating from participants who did not have results at the time of the workshop While having a gut microbiome assessment reinforces and helps facilitate learning in the workshop, it is not necessary to have one prior to enrolling in the course.