Robert Morgen – Easy Meditation Course


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Robert Morgen - Easy Meditation Course

Robert Morgen – Easy Meditation Course

Price: $19

Simple, easy and effective guided meditations to help you connect your Mind, Body and Spirit, from the author of Kundalini Awakening for Personal Mastery (ISBN: 0-9773801-0-6)

The exercises on these 4 CD’s allow anyone to quickly and easily learn to connect to the energy that surrounds and permeates us. Guided meditations allow the user to relax and simply follow along, while at the same time learning the simple skills that allow them to meditate anywhere and at any time.

Topics covered include;

“Easy Introduction to Meditation”
(ISBN 0-9773801-2-2) (66:20) $49.95

Robert Morgen’s Easy Introduction to Meditation provides the novice through high intermediate meditator with directions, exercises and guided meditations to help one learn to clear and control the mind, develop a great degree of higher self awareness and take more control over one’s life.

nside each of us lies a tranquil place where we can indulge in calm and serenity. Learning to meditate is the first step on the path to discovering our tranquility and Inner Divinity.
The benefits of meditation have been known for thousands of years, but many people believe that learning to meditate is hard and time consuming. The exercises on this CD can help you calm and clear your mind, become healthier and more relaxed and develop a greater Body, Mind, Spirit connection.

The CD includes:
1. Introduction and Concepts of Meditation 5:06
2. Meditation Positions 5:44
3. Breathing for Meditation 5:45
4. Full Body Awareness 4:14
5. Intention and Awareness 5:45
6. Grounding 5:13
7. Progressive Relaxation 9:01
8. The Brain Scrub 3:56
9. The Secret Smile 21:31

“Advanced Meditation Exercises”
(74:40) $49.95

Robert Morgen’s Advanced Meditation Exercises provides exercises and guided meditations for the high intermediate to expert meditator. Using this CD will allow one to develop stronger abilities in concentration, visualization, moving, feeling and seeing energy and much more.

The CD includes:
1. Introduction to the Advanced Exercises 1:17
2. Feeling and Seeing Energy 10:06
3. Drawing Energy 9:35
4. Skin Breathing 5:55
5. The Microcosmic Orbit 10:50
6. Damo’s Cave 37:12

Timed Meditation Music Tracks (76:27) $19.95

Robert Morgen’s Timed Meditation Music Tracks is designed to allow one to make time for meditation in and easily controlled manner. With timed music tracks that range from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, this CD allows one to take a few minutes and meditate any time, without worrying about how much time is available. With this simple CD it’s easy to grab a quick 5, 10 or 15 minutes to meditate during lunch breaks or other time sensitive periods.

Establishing a daily practice is very important.The effects of meditation are cumulative, so 5 minutes a day is better than 35 minutes once a week.
The timed music tracks on this simple CD can help you keep your practice regular. Now you can take that 5 or 10 minutes a day and meditate and do your practice without the necessity of keeping track of the time that you have available to meditate.
Another advantage to this CD is that it lets you meditate anywhere, at anytime. Now you can easily take a few minutes on your lunch break and meditate without worrying about time.

1. Introduction to Meditation 5:06
2. 5 Minute Meditation
3. 10 Minute Meditation
4. 15 Minute Meditation
5. 20 Minute Meditation
6. 25 Minute Meditation