Sell From Your Soul + Course Creation Queen

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Sell From Your Soul + Course Creation Queen

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Sell From Your Soul + Course Creation Queen

Sell From Your Soul + Course Creation Queen

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Do you feel guilty, bad, or wrong when you share about your offers or services or offers?


Do you fear people will view you as too sales-y, annoying, or money hungry for selling?


Do you believe finding people who want to pay you for your work is hard?


Do you feel launching, pitching, sharing about, or selling your work is uncomfortable?


Do you feel only certain kinds of special people can attract others to their work with ease?


Does launching, promoting, and selling feel exhausting, time consuming, and burdensome?

Here’s the thing:

Selling is the sacred vehicle by which we get people into our work.

Through selling, we are able to get people the content or services they desire while being compensated for our gifts.

There is nothing shameful about calling in, sharing with, and selling to those who need your work.

I believe in the soulful art of selling. And I believe in it with everything in me.

Selling is not about being pushy, manipulative, or forceful. Nor is it convincing someone to buy something they don’t need. I am a self-made multimillionaire, soulful business mentor, digital course creator and am widely known as the ‘money queen’ inside the world of personal development.

I am known for creating and selling programs that help women earn money.

While I’ve held dozens of launches that generated six figures each and have even had two seven-figure launches…

… I don’t feel like a sales person.

I feel like a woman on a mission with a calling who has work to do and people to reach.

For me, selling is simply letting others know about how I can help them.

Selling is how to give people the opportunity to be supported by me.

I sell with heart, passion, and authenticity.

I sell by tapping into my truth, creating inspired offers, and sharing with the world

how my work can help them.


I sell well. (Amanda Frances Inc. is currently generating $400k+ each month.)

I sell by calling in and sharing with those who need what I am here to give.

I do not know anyone who does online business the way I do…

… but I really wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I am effective, highly profitable, and a master at what I do.

People have a lot of theories around why their online business aren’t working.

Some believe their price must be the problem.

Over the years I have practiced selling super low priced, kind of low priced, very high priced, pretty high priced and medium priced offers.

(My programs and packages range in price from $7 — to $100,000)

>> The price isn’t the problem. <<

Some believe they must not be on the right social media platform.

Listen: When you get how to Sell from Your Soul, you can effectively inspire others to

work with you via any medium.

PS: I was effectively selling online before there were Facebook Lives, when no one was using Instagram, and when my email list had less than 300 people on it.

While I love to use all the social media platforms…

>> The platform isn’t the problem. <<

Some people believe their audience isn’t big enough.

In my experience, this matters zero percent.

When all I had was my personal Facebook page and a dream…

… I was filling up and selling out my coaching packages and digital courses.

Through how I positioned myself, gave continual value, and soulfully shared about my services online.

I did not have a following to sell to. And I sold to one anyway.

Even today, I have the smallest email list of any multiple seven figure online business owner I know.

>> The audience size isn’t the problem. <<

(PS: Everyone starts with zero followers. Besides maybe a celebrity’s child.)

I’ve learned to create, share, and sell no matter the circumstances, ever-changing social media algorithms, saturated marketplace, or whatever excuse various people are using at the moment.

Through my own daily decision to show up, my determination to see myself through, and willingness to be guided along they way, I have learned to…

Monetize any audience of any size with an offer of any price on any platform…

… with my eyes closed, and hands behind my back.

All while there is no logical reason it should be working.

And I do it over and over again.

This is why I can confidently say:

I know how to connect to the hearts of those who need my work.

I create in others the desire to work with me and do so repeatedly.

I magnetize people into my work.

And I do it without fear-tactics, force, or funnels.

Like everyone else, I tried things the hard way first.

I forced strategies that didn’t work for me and told myself tales about why they weren’t working.

I definitely had a season of hearing crickets when I shared online.

There were actually a couple years of lots of crickets due to my lack of confidence, certainty, and conviction.

Now I know this important truth:

Selling is an act of service.

Selling is showing up for those who need you.

What I am here to teach you,

will change everything.


An immersion into the art of calling in, sharing with, and selling to those who need your work.

This course is not quite like any of my other programs.

This is a sacred journey.

This is a beautiful combination of practical principles, and spiritual strategy.

This is your permission to unleash your work into the world.

Let’s eliminate your doubt around selling, increase your confidence around earning…

… and give you a solid belief system around selling to lean on for the lifetime of your business.

It is time to share your passion with the world and call in those who need your work.

It’s time to create aligned offers that are expressions of your soul + feel so amazing to share as they are what you are here to give.

It’s time to know that the time is always now.

It’s time to decide for sure and forever that your work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation

It’s time to be able to show up online, with passion and heart, and make money any day of the money, week or year.

Because you decided to.

Because you have a system.

Because you now know what to do.

The Soulful Art of Sacred Selling.

You will start the course with a little heart-centered, soul-based, kick-your-ass nine part bootcamp around who you are, what you desire do, and what you are on this planet to give.

This is your foundation. Solidify your identity. Know the importance of your work. Become clear on what to sell. Release fear of being seen.

The pre-work includes ten journal prompts + three videos that will serve as your Sell from Your Soul foundation.

You will be given immediate access to the pre-work upon enrollment.

Your Work is of High Service.

The mindset, clarity, and certainty around selling. Energetically recalibrate what selling means to you. Get clear on how it is of service to the world. Step into doing so with passion, heart, and confidence. Allow selling to be a flowy, fun, and heartfelt spiritual practice. Completely take the pressure off potential clients based on your certainty around what you get to have. If you’ve done work like this with me before, no worries, we will go deeper.

Unleashing the Aligned Offers Within You.

Tap into what you are here to give. No need to survey an audience or worry about market research. Connect to those who need you and feel into what the next aligned step is. Get clearer than ever before on what you desire. Remove the false ideas that say you can’t have it. Create the thing the people don’t even know they need from you yet. Price it perfectly. Sell it with ease.

Call in Your Soul Mate Humans.

This is how I attract people into my work. This is the magnetism. How to allow selling to be a continual extension of your daily existence. Set up a confident expectation for growth engagement, and massive influence. This has nothing to do with sales conversations or discovery calls — this is a way of being. This is setting up a paradigm for new money and recurring money to come into your business every day of your life no matter what.

Amanda’s Launch Strategy: The Energetics.

What I journal, think, believe, and say to myself before after and during a launch. How I take care of myself and stay in flow during a launch. Where I get the inspiration for my posts, emails, and lives. How I stay a match for or ‘lock in’ my desired outcome no matter how the launch appears to be going. How I realign when it feels a launch is going astray. This is probably the most important week of the entire course.

Amanda’s Launch Strategy: The Practical.

This is what Team AF and I do during a launch. Where we post. What we post. How often we post. What we say. When we say it.  How I write FB posts. How I use IG stories. When I use my FB business page. When I use my FB my personal page. When we email. What we say in the email. How often we email. How we repurpose everything I say in multiple ways so that launches are so much easier for me. Often we give people the opportunity to enroll. What I do. What my team does. What affiliates do. All of it. This is my entire launch strategy beginning to end. PS: Though I have a team now, I was doing all the same things before I had a team. There is just a bigger audience + there are more people to answer emails, press share on social media posts, press send on emails, and help me do the things. These steps apply whether you have a team or not.

5 Training Modules. We will cover all that is listed above plus various content that I was guided to share. I cover several frequently asked questions and points of common confusion in each module. You have unlimited replays. (Alumni tell me that go back through the modules before they launch new offers.)

21 Pieces of Guided Inner Work. In addition to the ten journal prompts included in the pre-work, you have 21 prompts to move you through the Sell from Your Soul process. If you don’t like to journal, think of it this way: The prompts are just Qs you ask yourself to help you get clear on your desires and action steps. That’s it. These journal prompts are how you create the strategies and structure for selling that will work for you. I use these Qs in my business to attract my ideal clients, share my work with them, and sell to them with ease. The concepts you integrate through these prompts will allow soulful selling to become a natural extension of your daily life.

Sales Page Layout Breakdown. This is what I do on each of my sales pages to guide people through the experience of deciding that my offer is right for them. The questions. The sections. The process. The order. The impact. The experience. I explain it all.

Soulful Sales Copy Creation.

These are the exact emails I used during my $700k launch in early 2018. (Basically the same emails I used during my $1.2 million one early in 2019, I just edited them a little.) An explanation of the experience I take people through via an email sequence. When I write the emails. How I write the emails. What I say in the emails. What my intention is as I write the emails. People regularly write me to thank me for my sales emails. This is unheard of in the industry. You want this.

The Soulful Art of Sacred Selling.

This is your pre-work. You get instant access to this upon enrollment. These ten journal prompts, three videos, and guided inner work are you foundation for this course. You will love this.

Money is my mood + Wealth is my vibe Mug! (Pay in Full Bonus)

This mug is scripted with your new very favorite affirmation. Drink your favorite beverage out of it each morning as your journal, set your intentions and rock the Sell from Your Soul process!

*** This is a gift from me for the first 50 people to select the Pay in Full option upon enrollment. (The rest of the bonuses + all course content is for everyone no matter the payment option you choose.)

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