SLR Lounge – The Photography Business Plan

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SLR Lounge - The Photography Business Plan

SLR Lounge – The Photography Business Plan

Price: $99

Develop A Plan For Success

  • Create A Sound Business Plan For Success
  • Set Up The Right Goals For Your Business
  • Establish Your Target Client Persona
  • Analyze The Market And Your Competition
  • Protect Yourself With Contracts & Insurance
  • Runtime: 6 Hours 11 Minutes

Important Note: This Is Course 1 Of 4

We recommend our students purchase the entire training system, as each course builds upon the last.  However, we listed it for sale individually for those who are only looking for guidance in one particular area and don’t mind references to topics covered in previous courses.

Success Is Not An Accident! You Need A Strategy!

Let us help you create your business plan and set you up for success.


Actual Photography Is A Tiny Part Of Our Time

Being a photographer is 10% taking pictures and 90% everything else, including accounting, legal, marketing, sales, scheduling and more.

Without a solid foundation, structure and system, operating a successful business is difficult.


Don’t Do It All! Start With A Focus!

In today’s competitive environment, photographers need to start their business with a single focus.  Remember, you’re competing against brands who 100% focused on a niche.  

Learn Basic Market Research

Market research is critical for success.  What are your competitors charging?  What are the spending habits of your target market?  We’ll teach you how to research all of these things and more.


Analyze Your Competition With A SWOT Analysis

Understand your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats in the market.

Create Your Target Market Personas

Having a set of marketing personas helps you cater your brand message to speak directly to your ideal clients. We’ll provide you with a template to help you discover yours.

Create Your Mission Statement

Create a mission statement to share with your network, clients, & team.  Having your “WHY” established early will give you guidance in your business.

Establish Goals

Establish realistic yet aggressive short and long term goals to help motivate you and push your business forward.

Draft An Executive Summary

Use our executive summary template to put your entire business plan together.  This document will be your business guide.

Set Up Your Business Right!

Setting up contracts, insurance, accounting and reporting will help you prevent disruptions in your business AND give you valuable data to help you make sound decision.

Contract Templates

We provide you with contract templates to protect your business and make your clients feel comfortable booking a legitimate studio.


We discuss insurance to make sure your assets are protected in case of an accident, theft, or mistake on your part.

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