Social Home Services – HVAC Edition

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Social Home Services – HVAC Edition

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Social Home Services – HVAC Edition


Social Home Services: HVAC Edition!

Here Are 3 Powerful Ways to Use Micro-Services Social Posting:

It’s a GREAT Foot-In-The-Door strategy that closes high-paying SEO/GMB (Google My Business) Clients.

It’s an AWESOME addition if you’re already serving HVAC Contractors.

OR, just use this strategy ALL BY ITSELF. Set and forget it – then collect monthly payments for NO extra work. Hey – do this enough times, and you’ll have a recurring income that rivals highly-paid professionals.

THIS is what allows me to roam around the country in my RV (motorhome) with my husband and my dogs and enjoy my  life without a lot of hassle.

All loaded up and ready for another roaming adventure!

(Paid for by my clients!)

Every HVAC Contractor worth his salt knows he needs a Social Media presence, and it starts with Facebook.  Facebook is the “new Google” as a search engine.

Sounds good…but here’s where  it all goes wrong…

The well-meaning contractor gets his favorite nephew to set up a Facebook Page – and he tries to post something on it whenever he thinks about it (which isn’t often).

And before you know it, he has a Facebook Page as dead as a doornail, and he starts to complain that this Social Media thing isn’t working out!

Enter…The Social Media Consultant to save the day – And that’s YOU!!

You WILL solve this dilemma quickly and easily – at a cost so low it will ALWAYS fly under the contractor’s budget radar!

Facebook rewards an active Business Page in the search results. Why would anyone do business with a contractor whose Facebook page looks like an abandoned ghost town?

Let’s Review

You’ll fill a huge need

At a very low cost

With minimal hours (about 2) and then FORGET IT!

You’ll collect payments automatically forever.

Good clients are easy to find…and even easier to close.

And sometimes, these little accounts turn into much larger clients…

This is when I get REALLY excited – wouldn’t you?

NEVER waste your time creating social media images yourself!

How This Came To Be…And Why You Should Listen To Me

Being in local marketing since 2010, I got GOOD at ranking a customer’s website on Google and YouTube. Yet, I always shied away from Social Media Marketing, because it seemed so labor intensive.

I tried doing Facebook posting, but finding relevant content, setting up posting schedules, and keeping track of everything turned out to be a nightmare.

THEN, one day I saw someone selling a pack of graphics for a medical niche (which I had no interest in) and he was teaching a system of auto-posting.  THAT really intrigued me.

To prove the model, I went out and found a medical client and sold JUST THIS SERVICE!

IT WORKED! It was easy to close, easy to fulfill and took almost NO time.

Why This Offer is So Valuable

Whether or not you offer social media services now, this is a MUST-HAVE strategy to add to your marketing toolbox. Every HVAC contractor NEEDS content to post on social media…especially for Facebook to build engagement, get shares and likes, and create buzz.

What You’re Getting Today (By Instant Download)

60 Beautiful images with HVAC-relevant content

(These can be shuffled and arranged any way you like – and then RECYCLED on auto-pilot. You never have to touch it again!)

Jeanne’s Full Training Includes:

  • How to Watermark with a Client’s Logo – FAST and EASY! (optional)
  • How to Set Up the Automation
  • How to Collect Payments
  • How to FIND the Perfect Clients
  • How to Prospect Like PRO!
  • Video Training on Selling on the Phone
  • Video Training on Using “Lumpy Mail”

You’ll start selling this service in just hours!

HVAC Contractors will happily pay you $99-$199/mo without blinking an eye. You know I speak from experience – this is NOT just theory!

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll  Also get FREE Access to These  Special BONUSES…

But Only for a Very Limited Time.

Bonus #1: 12 Beautiful Holiday Images – Value $47

Bonus #2: Private Facebook Group – Value $97/mo and Direct Access to ME! (This FB Group is full is active members who support each other) – PRICELESS!

Bonus #3: Onboarding and Q&A Webinar – Very Soon after this Promo Ends! Value – $97

That’s over $1300 of products,  training and ongoing support completely FREE!

Don’t worry – I’ll make it super simple for you to make this decision, and be on the way to changing your life and your business!

You could pay hundreds of dollars customized graphics for HVAC marketing made. Even then, you would make that back in few months of client payments…

But today, if you act NOW, you’ll get all this for a fraction of that.

In fact, when you pick this up, follow my instructions on prospecting and closing, you could have a client within 24 hours and profit in your pocket!

It Won’t EVER Get Any Easier Than THIS!

NO Recurring Fees!

Private Facebook Group Support for FREE

Very low one-time price

Build the life of your dreams