Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (2018)

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Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (2018)

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Spencer Mecham - Affiliate Secrets

Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (2018)

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Want a sneak peak at what you will learn?

Module 1 – Affiliate Marketing

  • Niches: How to choose smart and profitable niches with tons of money to spend
  • Find affiliates: How to find high-paying affiliate programs with recurring commissions
  • Create value: How to quickly create value to double or triple your conversions
  • 10x ROI: Learn my super simple method that can 10x your profit with strategic follow-up sequences and additional affiliate offers

Module 2 – Creating Affiliate Funnels

  • Lead magnets: How to create lead magnets in a few minutes that drive your traffic wild
  • Funnels: How to create easy funnels in minutes that convert like there is no tomorrow
  • Funnel psychology: Guaranteed methods to get your leads to move along your funnel

Module 3 – All My Traffic Sources

  • YouTube: Watch over my shoulder as I create a brand new channel and rank dozens of videos that bring in commissions daily for years
  • Solo ads: How to use other people’s email lists to drive guaranteed traffic to your affiliate offers + all my recommended solo ad providers
  • Adwords: Complete 8-section course for beginners or novices. With Adwords you can find people already looking for ClickFunnels products!
  • Instagram: Coming soon! How I drive affiliate offers on Instagram on complete automation. I’m talking 100% automated.
  • Facebook ads: How to actually succeed with Facebook ads instead of blowing your money “bootcamp style”.

Module 4 – Email Sequences that Convert

  • Structure: How to structure your emails so people literally cannot
  • Emails: How to quickly write emails (even if you have no experience) that get huge numbers of opens and clicks
  • Tricks: Simple secrets that the best email marketers use to get their audience to love them and beg for more emails
  • Automation: Powerful automation secrets that help your business run for years on autopilot
  • Even easier: If that sounds too hard I give you all of my email sequences for 10+ products that you can use

Bonuses, Bonuses & MORE Bonuses

  • Access to my 50+ emails for every product I promote. Just plug them in!
  • White label my entire ClickFunnels course that I offer as a bonus. One click and it’s in your ClickFunnels account!
  • Easy access to my highest-converting funnels. One click and it’s in your account!
  • Facebook group of high-powered ClickFunnels affiliates that know how to win.

Get Spencer Mecham – Affiliate Secrets right now!
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