Steven Higashide – Better Buses, Better Cities

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Steven Higashide - Better Buses, Better Cities

Steven Higashide – Better Buses, Better Cities

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Imagine a bus system that is fast, frequent, and reliable, what would that change about where you live?

Buses can and should be the cornerstone of urban transportation. They offer affordable mobility and can connect citizens with every aspect of their lives. But in the UK, and US they have long been an afterthought in budgeting and planning. With a compelling narrative and actionable steps, Better Buses, Better Cities inspires us to fix the bus. Transport expert Steven Higashide shows us what a successful bus system looks like with real-world stories of reform, such as Houston redrawing its bus network overnight, and San Francisco revamping its boarding procedures.

Higashide shows how to marshal the public in support of better buses and how new technologies can keep buses on time and make complex transit systems understandable.

Higashide argues that better bus systems will create better cities for all citizens. The consequences of subpar transport services fall most heavily on vulnerable members of society. Transport systems should be planned to be inclusive and provide better service for all. These are difficult tasks that require institutional culture shifts; doing all of them requires resilient organisations and transformational leadership.

Better bus service is key to making our cities better for all citizens. Better Buses, Better Cities describes how
decision-makers, philanthropists, activists, and public agency leaders can work together to make the bus a win in any city.