Sundeep Bilkhu – The AB-CD Secret Pattern



Sundeep Bilkhu - The AB-CD Secret Pattern

Sundeep Bilkhu – The AB-CD Secret Pattern

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Sundeep Bilkhu – The AB-CD Secret Pattern

The AB=CD Secret Pattern by Sundeep Bilkhu

The AB=CD pattern is the most popular pattern we find on the charts. This pattern is very widespread and quite easy to trade using it. The AB=CD is a trading system in itself which does not require any indicator and relies solely on price action. The AB=CD is part of Harmonic trading and you will also find information about this pattern on The Harmonic Trader by Carney Scott. The author of AB=CD talks especifically on this pattern and give you all the information you should have to trade this pattern profitably and to lower your risks. The book is a very good and straight forward. You wont have aby difficulty with mastering this system if you read each page of the book. Also, the book is very illustrated with graphics and screen captures.

The AB=CD Secret Pattern will show you how to:

* Identify a secret geometry trading pattern with a low risk and high profit probability allowing you to trade market reversals before they occur
* Trade against the crowd putting you in the winning 5% as opposed to the losing 95%
* Be subject to LESS manipulation from the market makers, who tend to buy when you sell and sell when you buy
* Use the secret pattern to day trade, swing trade or position trade
* Trade ANY market in the world, whether it be stocks, Forex, indices, commodities, bonds etc
* Not lose out to the traditional “1-2-3 Pattern” formation
* Minimise your loses to a maximum of 21.4% of any trade
* Identify the exact EXIT point by reference to PRICE and TIME  Use the secret pattern to take both LONG and SHORT trades
* Identify the ENTRY point using the secret pattern and applying NO indicators
* Use 2 confirmation signals to confirm the EXIT point of your trades
* Take positions so that the risk/reward is in your favour and Take money out the markets!