The AMS Ads Profit Formula

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The AMS Ads Profit Formula

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The AMS Ads Profit Formula

The AMS Ads Profit Formula

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Boost Your Book Sales on Amazon

Discover the AMS profit system to skyrocket your book sales on Amazon. Find out how to get the best performing keywords that work for your books. Discover the best strategy to maximize performance for your AMS Ads and deliver results like never before!

BONUS #1 – 450 Highly Profitable Keywords

Join and Gain Access to Over 450 Highly Profitable Keywords

Join and get access to a BONUS pdf containing over 450 highly profitable keywords that have driven sales to my own books. Every keyword/search term listed has produced 30% or less in ACoS with the majority between 5% and 20%.

Using this list is a quick way to jumpstart your ad campaigns!

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Members Only Facebook Group!

An exclusive members-only Facebook group dedicated to everything AMS and self-publishing. Join a community of authors and self-publishers, get support, see what other members are doing to boost their sales and share and learn from each other.

You will have access to not only myself but also other high-profile self-publishers and authors to help and support you on your journey!

The AMS Ads Profit Formula

Inside this course discover how I completely boosted my book sales following a single formula to maximize my ad performance

  • How to get started marketing your books with AMS
  • Keyword types you never knew existed
  • Why your ads aren’t performing and how to reverse that
  • A precise bid strategy that gets you the best results and maximizes your ads performance
  • The truth about bids and the best strategy when getting started
  • How to get ads to produce 10% or less in ACoS
  • The 11 exact steps to take you from 0 to profit with your ads

The Ultimate AMS Course


How to Optimize Your Ads

Discover how to optimize your ads to maximize your profits while reducing your ad spend.


Keyword Strategy

Discover how to find, optimize, and maximize your keywords to maximize your profit and find the best keywords to drive traffic to your books on Amazon.


Ad Strategy

The most cost-effective strategy to leverage AMS to drive traffic to your books, boost sales, and discover keywords that work best for your book.

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