The Personal Productivity Toolkit – Complete Edition

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The Personal Productivity Toolkit – Complete Edition

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The Personal Productivity Toolkit – Complete Edition

The Personal Productivity Toolkit – Complete Edition

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Go from overwhelmed and stressed out to super organised and efficient in less than 30 days!

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like there’s “too much to do”, your email is a mess, you feel overwhelmed and like you’re constantly falling behind? Do you wish you could be more efficient and maintain a productive routine? Do you want to get on top of all your work and have a well-organised system that helps you to get more done and lower your stress?

If so, then you’re in the right place!

Why you need a productivity “system”

You can work harder or longer hours but eventually you’re going to burn out. Improving your productivity has a knock on affect to everything else in life. If you can optimise your time, your work, personal life, health and relationships all get better.

Most people have no clue how technology can help them to be more organised and efficient. When you put together the right system of tools and use them correctly, it’s actually quite easy to be more productive. You’ll go from having little bursts of productivity to consistent efficiency and progress:

How Jared supercharged his productivity in 2 weeks!

In the video, I talk to a previous customer, Jared Ryan, all about his experience with the Personal Productivity Toolkit. What impressed me most about Jared was just how quickly he was able to take the concepts in the toolkit, apply them to himself and re-invent his productivity system. As Jared says at the end, his friends and family now comment on how much more organised and productive he is!

Introducing the Personal Productivity Toolkit (v2.0)!

The toolkit will teach you how to master your email, manage your time and create a simple system for increasing your efficiency and staying organised.

Since releasing the first version of the toolkit, I’ve worked with hundreds of customers and clients. I’ve made changes to my own productivity system and routines and want to share everything I’ve learned with you.

No more jumping between tools and apps getting no results. I’ve condensed my entire productivity system into 5 actionable video lessons (the entire system takes less than 2.5 hours to learn). I don’t want to sign up to a 20-hour course, so why should you?

The video curriculum:

The videos build on my Productivity Blueprint and will guide you, step-by-step, through how to:

  1. Manage your email.
  2. Set up and organise your task list.
  3. Manage your time and calendar.
  4. Keep good notes.
  5. Organise your files and folders.

Updated and better than ever!

I released The Personal Productivity Toolkit back in 2015. The original toolkit contains a complete set of resources that will teach you about goal setting, time management, maximising your energy and focusing your attention.

Version 2.0 is more of an addition to the original (rather than a replacement). In the updated version, I go into detail about how to create a simple productivity system. And rather than focussing on specific tools, I share the principles of productivity and how you can use tools like email, task lists, the calendar, notes and documents to be more organised and productive.

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