Toni Hansen – Accurately Predicting Price Targets & Exit Points



Toni Hansen - Accurately Predicting Price Targets & Exit Points

Toni Hansen – Accurately Predicting Price Targets & Exit Points

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Product Description

Toni Hansen is a full time trader, popular speaker and columnist. Now one of the most respected technical analysts and traders in the industry with a high reputation for accuracy in both bull and bear markets, she began her trading career as an equity swing trader and has since expanded into many other sectors of the market. Her style of trading and market analysis transcends both time as well as market vehicles, making it attractive to investors and traders of stocks, futures, options, ETFs, and even the forex market.
It is possible to simplify your trading style and earn bigger, more consistent profits!

Join veteran trader and market analyst Toni Hansen as she shares her time-tested techniques for predicting price targets on equity positions. With Toni s precise methods, learn how to manage open positions for maximum gain. This 90-minute DVD will include not only Toni’s profit-taking strategies, but also an in-depth discussion on the tricky issue of adjusting stops and utilizing trailing stops successfully.

Learn specific techniques and gain an understanding of:

-Price action, pace, and support and resistance and how it affects your trading,
-How trend analysis can be used to understand target potential in a trade,
-And basic patterns that consistently earn you money.

Toni’s system is simple to follow yet highly effective. Watch her explain her techniques and show you how to profit in some sample situations. Her methodology is organized and systematic perfect for the trader who wants to take his or her game to the professional level.

Forex Trading – Foreign Exchange Course

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