Video WARRIOR – Zero To Warrior 2.0

$2,000.00 $197.00


Video WARRIOR - Zero To Warrior 2.0

Video WARRIOR – Zero To Warrior 2.0

Price: $2000
Learn How To Pitch, Sell, Produce & Market A Video That Actually Helps Your Clients Get RESULTS.

In Zero2Warrior 2.0 You’ll:
  • ​Reprogram your brain from ‘starving artist’ to become someone who has an ability to tell and capture powerful stories for your clients and get paid well for your time.
  • ​Unlock your voice and unique message when you talk to people about what you do so you can stand out in a crowd.
  • ​Discover a step-by-step sales process designed to help you confidently sell video projects for $2500 minimums, regardless of if you own the latest and greatest gear. We want to help you work towards this goal if you’re not there already.
  • Learn how to create a “Video Business Card” – an easy to follow, “interview-driven story” designed to help your clients captivate their audience and get results.
  • Learn the skills required to manage the ‘business’ side of video production, such as how to manage multiple client projects, how to qualify and hire additional shooters or editors to help you scale without compromising on your vision, and more.
  • ​Generate real profit by learning how to manage the money that comes into your business following a simple ‘bucket’ model that covers your operating expenses, taxes, and makes sure you get paid from every project too.