Vince Wingo – Kahuna Integration Secrets

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Vince Wingo - Kahuna Integration Secrets

Vince Wingo – Kahuna Integration Secrets

Price: $316

Kahuna Integration Secrets
Rev. James Vinson Wingo DD
Tape 1 & 2

Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training covers:

The Three Master Keys of Kahuna Power… and more than 100 ways to use them.
The Four “Magic Questions” to Total Learning.
The Ultimate Success Formula … and the Kahuna Secret of “How to Get There.”
How to Focus Your Concentration Like a Laser Beam
The 3-Minute Lesson that teaches you HOW to apply the Scientific Method to Your Huna Work … … AND how to use the Three Perceptual Positions to Accelerate Your Success
The “Secret Question” that allowed Max Freedom Long to find-out HOW THE Kahuna did what they did.
How to Heal a Broken Bone
How to create REAL Thought-Forms that WORK … with MEASURABLE RESULTS
How to build the psychic bridge between your conscious and your unconscious mind.
How to overcome negative influences and install an “auto-response” to stress.
The ten elements of Huna and how they relate to the three master keys of the kahuna.
How to generate massive amounts of mana.
How thoughts affect your energy.
Actual demonstration of aka cords and your inter-connectedness at the unconscious level.
How to cut the cords and how to reconnect.
Meeting your aumakua in a way you can understand.
Remote healing secrets.
The nine rules to form your prayer picture so that it will work and the kahuna ha rite prayer-action for creating your future.