Yoast – Keyword Research Training

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Yoast - Keyword Research Training

Yoast – Keyword Research Training

Price: $149

Keyword research training

  • Online training to find out what words your audience uses to find you
  • Find out how to rank top 3 for your most effective keywords
  • Get advice from world-renowned SEO experts Joost de Valk and Jono Alderson

Rank top 3 for the keywords people use to find you

After this training…

  • You’ll have a complete keyword list, ready to go!
  • You’ll know what keywords your audience uses to find you
  • You’ll optimize for the keywords you have the best chances of ranking top 3 with
  • You’ll be able to analyze keyword data and fine-tune your strategy

And you’ll be able to reap the rewards, by…

  • Improving traffic, sales and user satisfaction
  • Using keywords that are most likely to drive sales or newsletter signups
  • Identifying golden opportunities your competition hasn’t thought of yet
  • Finding a niche within your market and stand out from your competition
  • Working towards ranking for the top keywords in your market and taking traffic away from your competition

What topics are covered in this Keyword research training?

  1. Get to know your business
    • Your mission statement and USPs The first step to keyword research is getting a clear view of your business or website. Find out how to stand out from your competition with a clear mission and USPs. You won’t rank if you have nothing interesting to offer. Includes personal keyword list step 1: website profile
  2. Getting to know your audience
    • Taking the perspective of the searcher Focusing too much on your own vocabulary is a very common mistake in keyword research. We provide you with a big bag of tools you can use to find out what keywords your audience actually uses.
    • Finding long-tail keywords Your most important keywords are often the most competitive. You should come up with longer key phrases which you can rank for more easily. We tell you how. Includes personal keyword list step 2: drafting your keyword list
  3. Determining traffic potential and conversion
    • Find out which of your keywords have the most potential traffic
    • Discover how many people actually search for your keywords
    • Find out how to decide which pages are most likely to lead to sales or newsletter signups Includes personal keyword list step 3: scoring traffic potential and conversion
  4. Determining your ranking potential
    • Learn how to decide which keywords you have the best chance of ranking for
    • Learn how to research your competition Includes personal keyword list step 4: scoring your competition and revising your keyword list
  5. Rolling out your keyword strategy
    • Learn why it’s no use ranking for a keyword, if the searcher’s intent doesn’t match the content of the page. And how to make sure it does.
    • Learn how to create great landing pages which satisfy your visitors’ needs
    • Learn how to analyze your website’s data to monitor your keyword SEO

But that’s not all! Our Premium SEO training subscription allows you to build on your amazing keyword research to write captivating SEO copy, and then structure your site to guide your visitors to the pages that are optimized for the best-performing keywords!

This Keyword research training is for you because:

  • You want to reach your audience and improve traffic
  • You’re unsure what keywords work best for your site
  • You’re tired of competing with sites you can’t beat
  • You don’t just want to rank, you want to rank top 3 for the terms that help grow your blog or e-commerce website
  • You get better at online marketing along the way
  • Technical knowledge, the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin or a specific CMS are not required